Why don't I feel happy at happy moments?

It is not you who is not feeling happy, it is your brain/mind who wins over your heart. It seems like you are over-thinker. You are happy every damn time when you get full marks or achieve something brilliant, but it is your mind or mindset which forces you to think that you are not happy.

Trust me buddy everyone feels happy when something good happens with them and everyone feels unhappy/sad when something bad happens with them. Imagine a scenario in hospital where two patients are having 102° fever but one of them is happy and another is sad because the one who is happy was having 104° a day before whereas another one was totally fit before. So even we feel happy at moments which are not considered as happy moments for the world.

This happens because of many reasons. You might not find it happy because you have been used to it or perhaps you don't have passion for it.

You only feel happy about things that you value the most. For example people working hard for good grades and want to score good and getting upto mark makes them happy right.

So in order to be happy you need to first find out what makes you happy and work on it. You'll definitely feel the happiness after you achieve.

Good luck!!

The fact is according to you,your definition to happiness has not yet been achieved.you really didn't go through that inner bliss of satisfaction. It's because you never felt these small happiness as happiness. You are just being more mature.There are some people who feel that being happy is compulsory and be happy and others just don't want to act like they are happy. TRUST ME you are just recognizing the meaning of happiness.

Because moments you think are happy moments for everyone, are not the happy moments for you.

May be because, you don't know what you want or which things excites you the most.

Take a break from this never ending rat race. Spend some time with yourself. Practice meditation daily.

With daily practice of mindfulness, you will develop a great deal of consciousness. You will learn how to keep things simple, live in the present moment and above all, you will be more aware in which direction you want to go.

Thats because the achievments u dnt feel happy for arent the ones u really care about...when u do something which u actually like to do..and when u accomplish it..u will naturally feel happy..anyway dont try to feel happy..happiness is just a temporary emotion..try to feel content n satisfied

It can be because you might have a negative mindset. You are not satisfied with what you have or you do not actually appreciate what you are getting. You might be having a craving soul that wants more and more.

Try finding satisfaction in every small small happiness you get, you will automatically like being such and you will happy.

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