Why don't a husband and a wife share equal properties, or why don't the constitution make such a rule of total equality of a property owner?

Is owning property is important or relationship?

If love and trust is there property issues shall not happen.

Besides it's individual's choice to have property on whose name and constitution can't interfere. Family should have understanding regarding it and it should be done keeping all in trust.

In my example all properties we own( a house, two cars, many bonds and FDs ) are on my name. While my husband's name is in nominee. First reason is loans are on my name and hence property too. Second reason is he wants me to be safe and secure for any uncertainty in life. As we have love marriage ( though our families are supportive!) he is more concerned with my security if something happens to him someday. And ofcourse he trust me that I am never going to leave him or misuse any property anyways.

It's not about money, it's about love and trust to secure and earn.

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