Why don't most armies train bodybuilders in special forces teams? Would that make them too heavy to train in martial arts? Are martial arts better than bodybuilding?

First off, I'll say that there are some misconceptions by those outside of the bodybuilding community about what exactly constitutes a bodybuilder. There's the world of competitive/professional bodybuilding where people do grotesque things to their body to make themselves insanely huge. This by no means makes up the majority of people who consider themselves bodybuilders. What The Heck Is A Bodybuilder, Anyway?

When most people think bodybuilder, they think this:

Are assisted pull ups or lat pull downs better to increase back strength?

They're both fine for back strength. However, a pullup is a better exercises for strength and athleticism though since you are moving your body through space. Few people do pullups correctly though, so make sure you are doing them right.To be honest though,

What are some of the social differences between Australia and the USA?

Secularism. Religion is much, much less influential on public life, and discussed much less. Everybody is assumed atheist, and if they're religious, they usually don't discuss it unless asked. It's generally considered impolite to say things like "I'll pray for you" unless you know the person you're talking to is religious. What Americans consider "progressive social