Why don't people take themselves seriously?

Where is the fun in taking yourself seriously all the time? People that meet me likely think I am one of the most frivolous and goofy people they've ever met but I can't say that any of them have said or thought that I have self-esteem issues. Perhaps it's because I don't.

If you want to be the dour person that no one wants to hang with because you are always taking yourself seriously more power to you. I prefer to "always look on the bright side of life!" (insert correct whistling tune here). Because when life sucks balls and everyone is against you and you don't know how the hell you are supposed to freaking function, taking yourself seriously is probably the worst thing you can do. No matter how shitty your life is, there is always something you can laugh about in yourself and laughter helps to free your positive thoughts.

How has your married life been so far?

I am sick and tired of my married life. I feel suffocated and want to run away. I got married 4 years back. Honestly speaking i dont feel married at all. Me and my husband work in opposite shifts so we hardly get time

What was your experience finding a partner on Indian matrimonial sites?

My experience with finding a partner has been an important life lesson.My Profile : 30,Male.Indian.I am an engineer turned MBA from one of the premier institutes(Quite Unique,right?).My Current CTC is 23 lpa in an IT Consulting Role.3 years ago,as soon as I completed my MBA,the search for

What wild animal is the most feared in your region?

I live in the Sonoran desert, in Arizona specifically. Life in the desert is hard and food is scarce. Many desert animals are quite nasty, but humans don't run into them very often so we don't care.There is one wild animal that everyone warned me about before I moved here. I have encountered them several times