Why don't some people make the most of life?

This question should be like, "why dont MOST OF PEOPLE make the most of life?"
well everyone has different story, different mindset, different goals.

still for 99% people(including me), there are common reasons they dont make most of life, they are:

* laziness- this one tops the list, I suffer from it all the time. for example: yesterday I was planning to go to gym, then decided to watch some tutorial on 'Squat', watched few videos on youtube, one lead to another, 1 hour was gone. Then I started feeling lazy and sleepy, So I slept.

I make routine and plan, but most of the time I dont stick to it for more than few days, Laziness is the main reason, Lack of motivation and all comes later.

The best way to overcome laziness is to just DO the work you are supposed to do. When I slept after watching few videos on youtube, I woke up after 1 hour, felt bad on missing the gym. Then I got ready and went to gym. :)
So just DO the stuff. and once you start doing stuff, it will become part of your routine and you'll be able to conquer laziness.

* fear- "what if I fail even after trying hard? what would others say? that guy did that thing and he got success, is my way wrong? maybe I cant do this. I am already 'x' year old, wasted too much time, now its time to fine some (boring) job and get settled."

If we want to make most of life, we should be ready to face our fears. Most of the time, fear is just in our minds, So the only way to overcome it is to do things. As someone said, "All magical things happen on the other side of fear"

* letting others decide whats best for you- my parents told me to do this, so i am doing this. grow up. follow your own way, if you dont know it yet, then keep trying new things. there are millions things to do, you'll find yours.

**well these are few reasons I wrote  as of now, I'll keep updating it**
please give your suggestions in the comments, I'll add them.
I can think of some reasons:

  1. They don't have the means to do so (materially).
  2. They don't dare to do so.
  3. They don't know what they want (lack self-reflection).
  4. They don't know about the possibilities.
  5. They are under social pressure and try to conform.
  6. They chicken out when there is an opportunity.
  7. They dislike change.
Hope, this helps!

--- Lisa (Epic LifeQuest).
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