Why has Inhumans been cancelled?

Word behind the scenes is that Kevin Feige never wanted to do an Inhumans movie, that it was more a mandate by Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter, who he reported to at the time, as a stand-in for not having the rights to do X-Men movies.

Not too long ago, there was some internal conflict between Feige and Perlmutter over the direction of the MCU and actor compensation when Captain America: Civil War was in development. At that time Feige almost quit. The result ended up being that Disney now has Feige reporting directly to Disney Studio's Chief Alan Horn, while Perlmutter controls the Marvel TV universe. It is believed that Feige pulled the Inhumans since he no longer has to accommodate Perlmutter's agendas.

There are also rumors that if the collaboration between Sony and Marvel Studios goes well, Fox might be interested in allowing the X-Men to be part of the MCU. So Marvel might be waiting to see what happens in terms of that.

Have you Ever experienced a heart break?

I had liked a girl from BSc I year..I don't even knew her name till my II year..then I came to know her name got her whatsapp no. from our Class Group on WhatsApp..Then We started chatting..She was firstly my crush then it turned into love..I was in one-sided love..I confessed my feelings on 31st of

How often should I take a vacation?

It would depends on the individual's interests. If you're an avid traveler - you wouldn't mind coming up with excuses to travel all the time. Some people don't travel that much, but they would still go places once a while. So it's something which varies from person to person and isn't some set, rigid

How people of Norway see Indians as immigrants?

depends if you can speak the language and will integrate into society. Many indians tend to have really conservative/traditional values on society, some where a sword as part of their religious(the 5 Ks of Sikhism).This is obviously at odds with norwegian societyNorwegians typically keep themselves and dont really speak to strangers