Why have we experienced rapid cultural change in the United States over the past years?

We've always had ‘cultural change', whether it was over slavery, Native Americans, westward movement, womens suffrage, immigration, etc.... but you're right, the pace has rapidly increased now, mostly due to tech and modern media, which have not only erased ‘boundaries' and brought awareness of other cultures and ways of thinking right to our doorstep, but now they also 'deliver' it instantly... unlike the old days when ‘news' traveled slow, and even the fastest train took 4 days to travel from coast to coast.

BTW, the last time we experienced such a massive cultural shift was in the 15th century with Gutenberg's press, which Martin Luther quickly took advantage of... resulting in over a hundred years of religious wars across Europe. So actually we're kinda ‘fortunate' by comparison (so far...).

The pervasiveness of technology and its eventual widespread integration into almost all aspects of our lives and a competitive free market system along with a consumer based economy has given rapid rise to the digital age where a phone can hardly be called a phone anymore the phone portion of the device you hold in your hand and the device I'm using to author this reply are looked at as almost an afterthought with the processing power cellphones are capable of and the advancement of cellular networks and wifi the speed at which information travels is much faster which makes the world much smaller and change more rapid this also has downsides obviously as children born today for the most part due to technology will never know a true hard days work making them more self entitled than they We're in generations past. A teenager in today's modern society doesn't know what it's like to not have a cell phone or tablet or Xbox or Internet . This easy access to the vast stores of knowledge from humanity is typically seldom accessed by today's youth instead these networks are utilized to access what's trending in people's daily routines and just as much for corrupting their ideas of relationships and how to treat the opposite sex through easy access to porn today children have literally hundreds of "friends" almost all of which they will never meet as absentee parenting also rises as adults are either consumed themselves by technology or simply overwhelmed and ignorant to the damage a child can do to themselves by having unsupervised access to the web. Unfortunately now everyone has a voice and can post even the most rediculously mundane and insignificant events of their life like what shoes to wear and get a instant response giving way to the "rockstar" mentality .The reliance upon technology has stripped our kids of any basic survival skills they would need should a true catastrophe strike. This is all the byproduct of living in a free society and becoming out of balance as we compete with our neighbors and friends to acquire the newest cool stuff .... materialism is destroying our society as we all live vicariously through a 3.5 in screen

What are some of the unexpected costs of owning a home that most people overlook when purchasing a house?

This is great question that more people should be aware of.It is crucial to have a realistic idea of all the costs and expenses involved in purchasing a home to ensure you are not panicking due to a shortage

Why almost every person who believe in one certain religion will not believe in other religions?

To say one believes ALL RELIGIONS is to totally water down ALL of their beliefs. While you may

How can India become a developed country? Who decides if a country is developing or developed?

Development is a JUMLA term coined by our leaders.Dream vs RealityDream:Poor thinks, with development he will get enough money for living. Students think he will get a well paid job. Middle class things he can have comfortable living without borrowing for daily