Why is Australia a racist country?

One thing to remember about Australia... it is big. Really, really big. If you consider the difference between Welshmen, Englishmen, the French and Italians... well those four countries could easily fit within one of the smaller Australian states!

The majority of Australians live in cities on the east coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane.. and those are multicultural metropolises with large sub populations of Chinese, Vietnamese, Italians, Greeks, Germans and many more.. when I was growing up in the 1970s there definitely was racism in the big cities, just as there was homophobia and other intolerances.. but times have changed.

However in rural settings there is definitely still a lot of racism. It is not directed at foreigners and if you're visiting from foreign nations you should have little to worry about, regardless the colour of your skin or your beliefs. Rural Australian racism is focused almost entirely on our native Australian people. It is difficult to answer your question (why??) without coming across as a racist myself. In northern country Australia, particularly Queensland and the Northern Territory there are many aboriginal communities who keep pretty much to themselves, living their tribal lives and doing their tribal things, governing themselves. Most if not all of these communities are ‘dry', they do not tolerate alcohol. So a small percentage of their populations, usually the youth, will occasionally go in to town for a few drinks. And get absolutely plastered. And sometimes misbehave. They will then go back to their communities and live their quiet lives but the whites in the area don't see that. They only see the drunken misbehaviour. I hope this helps.

Is it difficult to adopt a child if you are a single woman?

No, at least not in OH. You would go complete a thorough home study process which would include BCI/FBI background checks, walk throughs of the home, and they would be delving into your personal life to ensure that you are financially able and

What is the best meat to substitute for pork in recipes?

Assuming you're talking about ground meat, I'd probably say turkey or chicken...  Beef is a completely different profile, and your other white meats are turkey and chicken.  Both are good.  They may be a little different than pork, but they're similar...

With so many great chefs and restaurants in Monaco, where do they get their produce from?

I happen to know a couple of Chefs in Monaco so I will try to give an insightful answer. The reason that there are big names like Robuchon or Ducasse is because Monaco is a place where wealthy people live or come to spend their time. Therefore,