Why is Australia full of so many anti-social people?

So from one isolated news report you make an accusation that an entire nation anti-social.

What am I to make of episode after episode of the TV show COPS. Police in the USA are particularly violent towards people they arrest or even decide to detain? It must be true 100 percent of the time.

What am I to make of all of the mass shootings in the USA? All Americans must be anti-social with guns. All of them.

2 men in Australia caught fighting on video.

Q: Why is Australia full of so many anti-social people?

What about the other 24,700,981 people, not seen fighting ?

I think that you exaggerate substantially. You should see the news in the rest of the world and consider that News is normally made up of things that are NOT NORMALLY happening.

It must be very unusual to see two men fighting in Australia, for it to be so newsworthy.

No clue!

Maybe Australia was settled by convicts? Antisocial by definition?

Maybe your question is bogus. The Aussies that I have met are pretty good people.

Kind of like us Americans. Tough, wry and gritty. Good people - for simialr reasons.

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