Why is Bengaluru unsafe for Keralites?

Yes, Bengaluru is unsafe for Keralites in particular and any non-Kannadigas in general. See the demography of Bengaluru.

In 1991, the most common languages spoken in Bangalore were:

  • Kannada (38%)
  • Tamil (28%)
  • Telugu (17%)
  • Urdu (13%)
  • Malayalam (3%)
  • Hindi (2.5%)

Now coming to present day,

An article in DNA,

For lakhs of Malayalis in Bangalore, it's another Onam away from home

PK Surendran | Updated: Aug 23, 2010, 09:11 AM IST

What are some useful life skills that can only be learned with practice? For example, folding clothes, tying a tie, etc.?

Listening.That is, the practice of hearing what someone says, processing it in your brain, and deriving meaning and understanding from what has been said.Even better is Active Listening, where you take that and replay it to the person speaking to communicate your

I am 20, 5'7 and 200 pounds, can you help recommend a simple workout and diet plan?

Your basal metabolic rate is 1857 calories/ day . It means that you burn this much calories without doing anything . First of all reduce your Calorie intake less than your BMR if you are not doing any exercise . If your are planning for a workout plan initiate with walking then

What are some interesting and productive hobbies?

Am not a good verbal storyteller.In the recent months, I set a goal to learn, practice and improve my Architectural visualization skills. With time, I started telling non-architectural stories using visualization. It is quite interesting to come up with a storyline then proceed to design