Why is Captain America so weak in Civil War?

I solemnly swear I will not make this answer sound like it has been written by some who is on Team Iron Man

First Captian America wasn't weak in Civil War he was just surrounded by too many super heroes who had power super human powers than him or a IQ infinite times higher (Tony) or training much more intense (Barton and Natasha). Amongts all this he was visibly weak.

The true super power Captian America has is that he is a great leader. ( Captian..Duh) So in the avengers movies he is the one commanding the super hero batalion and leading them to victory.

The case was opposite in Civil War he had left his leadership position for his friend and that disassembled the Avengers.

With so many super heroes against him, his powers were seen considerably weak.

Nevertheless‚Äč, he is The Captian America and to be frank it was his movie .. and it did not disappoint the TeamCap fans. The witnessed the jaw dropping display of strength when Captian single handedly stopped a chopper from taking of, Plus he did manage to pull down Spiderman (who was equiped with Stark tech)

If there was a hero displayed weak in Civil War, then it was clearly, undoubtedly be VISON. With reference‚Äč to the Air Strip sequence he was shown too naive and too afraid to fight.

Why do people want appreciation?

Appreciation is a natural phenomena not only man even nature wants it. Stand in a park and appreciate trees to give u oxygen to breathe. Appreciate flowers to blossom for us, appreciate birds to sing for us, appreciate sky to give us glimpses of infinity and eternal. It's a beautiful meditation then think how beautiful meditation

Why is Disney making its own Netflix?

Technically, Disney is not making its own Netflix. They are entering the streaming service market with three offerings that are different from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+.They have been significant investors in Hulu for years. Despite being a subscription-driven streaming service like Netflix, Hulu has features that differentiates it from other streaming

How powerful is Super Mario?

He can punch the spirit worldPunch blocks so hard their contents come outEat mushrooms that do many things to himOther examples from super mario galaxy (look it up)He can breathe underwaterHe can SUMMON FIRE (super smash brothers)He can touch flowers that make him hot or coldHe can jump, very highHe Is MARIO MARIO(Mario is his first and last name)