Why is Iraq undeveloped?

Many points come to mind, but I'll try and sort out the important points in chronological order.
  1. Botched path to development due to the 1958 Revolution, which was rife with Communist ideals, totally unsuitable to Iraq.
  2. A series of army coups between July 1958 and July 1968, that has given rise to different oligarchic classes.
  3. The Kurdish Civil War, not so famous but quite long (~1954 - 1996).
  4. The Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988), which left Iraq laden with enormous debt to Gulf countries.
  5. The Invasion of Kuwait (Aug. 1990) and the subsequent International Embargo (1991-2011) [only in 2011 did Iraq get out of the Section 7 sanctions].

Because the US and other western countries wanted to get involved for their own benefits. If Iraq was left undisturbed it would be a rich country but ISIS intervened causing parts of the country to be nothing but war torn. The west apparently tries to defeat these terrorists but only make everything worse. Like when the US made the excuse that Iraq was holding chemical weapons so they could invade and attack everyone.

Why are UFO sightings a secret?

They aren't a secret. People are welcome to describe their encounters and, nowadays, put the video evidence online. A bit like God and miracles and ghosts and stuff, though, no-one ever has. Isn't that strange? It's almost as though they they've never happened...

Is Albania a great place to visit and why?

Albania is a beautiful and fascinating place to visit. We traveled from the top of its north to the border with Greece and were delightfully surprised and pleased along the way.Natural beauty - the Balkans around Valbona and Lake Komani provide some of the most spectacular scenery, hiking and camping we've known. The