Why is Mizuno golf equipment so expensive?

To the uninitiated, Mizuno seems pricey.

To those who appreciate forged irons, Mizuno is the "entry-level" of Japanese-forged clubs.

To make an educated decision what makes a difference to you takes an understanding of forged versus cast irons and a belief that there's a difference for you.

After forged versus cast, read up on muscle-back versus cavity-back. That'll really help narrow down which club-heads appeal to you.

Hit 'em well!

Does reading help you improve memory?

Frankly, you just have to change your way of reading/studying.As a fast reader for more than a quarter of a century, here's my personal take on this pet subject of mine:-  prior to embarking on a reading endeavour, always ask yourself about your ultimate application, and decide on whether you want a global

How to lose 50 kg in 13 months

No offence man.This question is not supposed to be asked hear.Go consult a doctor. Follow his suggestions. These things should be done under the supervision of a doctor.Its not a piece of metal/wood to chop it off and shape it as you like. Its your body. You