Why is New Jersey so expensive to live in?

You will immediately recognize that I am by no mean an expert economist, but I think the reason can be expressed very simply. New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the Union.

More people per sq. mile = more consumers chasing fewer services per capita + greater (more costly) infrastructure needs (including "hard" infrastructure like bridges, roads, and schools to "soft" infrastructure like teachers, police, and firefighters) = higher cost of living.

Because the government takes so much money from the people and intrudes into so many aspects of the economy.

The Democratic People's Republic Of New Jersey is simulataneously an oppressive state and an expensive one for productive people.

What's the hardest prison habit to break after being released?

Not trusting. By far. ‘trust no one' is the mantra of every inmate. Inmates are some of the most conniving people around. To trust any other inmate is dumb. Very few inmates think of themselves as untrustworthy, but they usually are. Out of the almost thousand inmates at the facility I was in, there wasn't 20 worth a

What if all foodies, food bloggers, chefs, and restaurants get one platform for networking?

That will be a great opportunity for the bloggers, food businesses and the readers. And one such platform is Blogmint.It will bring all the associated parties at the same platform saving time of the readers, restaurants and food bloggers. Food bloggers will get right brands to write for; chefs

What places should I visit in Palestine?

There are tons of places that you want to go.  If you want to go to the State of Palestine (located in the West Bank), then I would recommend Hebron, Ramallah and Bethlehem.  I do not know very much about