Why is Piranesi so important in the history of architecture?

Quick Answer

Piranesi documented the view of Rome in his engravings which were widely distributed and contributed to the Neoclassicism of the periods to follow. Piranesi was able to imagine the ruins as they would have been and inventing new buildings in the Roman convention. He understood architecture and structure and incorperated those elements in the prints which is helpful. Ruins held a fantasy to those on the Grand Tour and those architects at home later through prints of his works. You can't underestimate the impact of realitive mass produced art at this time.

What is the difference between a case and a lawsuit in English when we want to talk about judicial terms?

The following is just standard American usage - the ordinary understanding of a non-lawyer in the US (possibly excluding Louisiana and probably including all common-law countries); I doubtless have missed technicalities in the legal profession's understanding of these terms.

Should superhero films better reflect the comics?

I think it is more important to stay true to the characters and their values. There are so many great stories to be told. Sure, it would make me unbelievably happy to see my favorite stories done exactly like the books

What is your most painful realization in life?

The most painful realization ensued when your life changes altogether into something which you could not even think before the situations affected you making you numb of all the tenderness and warmth. The feeling when someone's serenity and innocence dies. The feeling when you still try to move on but