Why is Priyanka Chopra desperate to get SRK back?

Does she even need him now, when she has access to popular hollywood handsome hunks.

See, she was a bit immature when she fell for shah rukh. Now, when she has better things and better people to deal with, she won't be wasting her time over him.

Also, such things are promoted by media. Shahrukh is failing with his movies, atleast the last two. Now, he must be creating a buzz in the market to get some audience for his next movie. Priyanka can be a soft corner to catch as she has some bitter past with him. Thus, now he is en cashing the past event.

Remember, he has once said - everything can be turned to cash in Indian Film Industry, you just need to play the mind-game.

So, this time - Priyanka is all good. People should question shahrukh the same question - other way round.

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