Why is Tesla not in India?

CEO Elon Musk suggested on Monday that plans to begin selling cars in India as soon as this summer have been delayed.

"Maybe I'm misinformed, but I was told that 30% of parts must be locally sourced and the supply doesn't yet exist in India to support that," Musk tweeted in reply to a question about whether Tesla (TSLA) would launch in India this year or next.

The billionaire entrepreneur didn't go into detail, but Musk's response suggests the company is no longer targeting a summer launch, a possibility he suggested in February.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

U.S. electric car major Tesla has alluded to a challenging environment for not being able to enter India.

"Would love to be in India. Deepak Ahuja , our CFO , is from India. Tesla will be there as soon as he believes we should," CEO Elon Musk Tweeted.

Source : The Times Of India (May 31 2018)

Indian traffic and roads are not compatible for tesla. Answer in one sentence. Hope you understood.

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Tesla might come to india but all immediate plans for tesla in india have been postponed.

Instead look at Uniti EV,sweden's mini version of model 3 comming to india.India will get a 5 door version too.

Uniti - An electric car to redefine urban mobility

This is the car that Apple should have made.This should have been really the Apple Car.

Bird Mobility

Tesla is the company of electic motors and they have futuristic vision.

Because of the lack of electic stations,Tesla is not in India.

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