Why is a car important for human life?

I would like to pipout in history.

Human invented WHEEL and his efforts of walking decresed ,to travel long distances.bullakcart n all such animal driven vehicles were used much but later on they even became difficult to use.because,maintaining animals became hard.

With invention of engine n two wheelers,need of such vehicles driven by animals almost ended.but then human started facing problem on two wheelers like-

1.how to drive in bad atmosphere eg.cold,rain,heat?

2.how to take whole family ,atleast parents,wife n children somewhere together ??

3.how to travel at night times safely ???

4.driving two wheelers for more time leads to backpain,neck pain.how to avoid that ????

5.how to take much luggage anywhere ?????

N the four wheeler, CAR born.

I think all the above mentioned problems are almost solved by the car today.also many automobile companies provide cars in very affordable price.

In car,we can enjoy our safe,happy,personal journey.

CAR is really became important for himan today.

I can share my view from the Indian context.

In the decades of the pre-liberalisation era (pre-1991), we saw only a hand full of automobile brands running on our shabby roads. Brands like HM Ambassador (Morris Oxford) became a symbol of wealth, power and influence. The access to a car was restricted only to government officials (state and centre), industrialists and politicians were seen in their motorised cavalcade. The car was a commodity of ultra-luxury.

In 1983, MARUTI in JV with Japanese automobile giant SUZUKI launched Maruti 800 and it disrupted the market. The decade of the 80s and 90s belongs to Maruti Suzuki and M800 became a household name. For the 1st time Indian middle class considered buying a car which fits in their budget, a family of 4 can easily drive through the nearby places and can be together at the same time. Public transports were the cheaper but crowded, a personal 4 wheeler is like home on wheels where the whole family can be together, journeys became fun rides. Indians loved the concept and brand Maruti was entrenched into the minds of people. Many people of this generation preserve their car till date and the machine became a reminiscence of their glorious prime. The car was still a luxury, but a luxury common man can afford.

After Economic Liberalisation (1991), for the 1st time, Indians had an option to choose a vehicle from different brand and models (hardly any choice available in the decades of 1970s and 1980s except few like Maruti 800 and HM Ambassador). Indian middle class welcomed the changed with arm wide open. Industrial, IT boom and .com bubble created huge employment opportunities and Indian working professionals saw a 4 wheeler more of a necessity rather than a luxury. The car was used for Daily commute, weekend getaways, intercity travelling and business meetings etc., the car is no longer a symbol of wealth and power but gradually becoming ubiquitous.

Fast forward to 2017, a car becomes more than mere necessity, it became a passion for motorheads, an achievable dream of a college student, a thing of day to day life for a housewife. In past decade Indian consumer became brand conscious and involved more in technical aspect rather than an emotional aspect of owning a car. Getting the hint of a shift in consumer mindset, OEMs are not just selling new models but provide good support to reused/resold cars as well.

Over the period of time, the importance of a car changes but it remains indispensable facet of one's life.

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