Why is death the biggest gift?

I will let the Nietzsche of The Birth of Tragedy speak here.  It is not necessarily my viewpoint, but it is a viewpoint:

There is an old legend that king Midas for a long time hunted the wise Silenus, the companion of Dionysus, in the forests, without catching him. When Silenus finally fell into the king's hands, the king asked what was the best thing of all for men, the very finest. The daemon remained silent, motionless and inflexible, until, compelled by the king, he finally broke out into shrill laughter and said these words, "Suffering creature, born for a day, child of accident and toil, why are you forcing me to say what would give you the greatest pleasure not to hear? The very best thing for you is totally unreachable: not to have been born, not to exist, to be nothing. The second best thing for you, however, is this - to die soon."
We all go through death every night. Deep sleep is akin to death. There is no sense of being, or of time. Definitely no thoughts during deep sleep. If you underwent general anaesthesia then you would experience that time slip much more profoundly as there is no dream stage. You go straight to deep-sleep. Do you feel the death during deep sleep? If you only feel a "time slip" then death will also just be a time slip. If you are aware of oneself as the primordial awareness (not an awareness in time or an awareness of time- but just an awareness) then just stay with that. Eventually that awareness grows.

From the point of view of the mind:  just as waking up (from sleep) can be seen as a gift if you have been having a nightmare, so also death is seen as a gift by the one who is in suffering.
Its a gift (biggest? I dont know!) because:

1. You don't have to pay no more taxes!!!!  [thats American grammar!]

2. You don't have to spend a paisa for any damned "relatives" :)

3. You are not faced with any health problems whatsoever!  (corollary: You don't need insurance!)

4. You can escape your creditors for good!  They can't follow you unless they also "choose to" die :)

5. Assuming you can roam around as a ghost, you don't need Visas to visit any country, no tickets to watch any sports shows or movies!

6. If you are so inclined, you can scare the s**t out of still living people, as ghosts.  Am sure everyone has a long list on this one! :)

7. There may be lot more others, but I will know only when I die.  I promise to update this after that! :)

8. Its a gift for your near ones (I didn't say loved ones!) if you had been an insufferable a**h**e in life - drinking / gambling / whatever and just being an 'ornery' guy/gal.  In such a case your death is a real gift for THEM! :)

The cons?
a. If there is even one person still living close to you (Mom/Dad/sis/bro/Granny/Grampa/friend/husband/son/daughter/wife/GF/BF/pet/whatever) whom you truly loved and who loved you back - death is not a gift at all - its the greatest misery - at least one which that other person will go thru (we still dont know about you - people who die very notoriously dont report back on this!)

b. Its an even bigger REAL misery if your nearest ones depended on you for finance and now are thrown into all kinds of nasty situations for the soul-less way in which the still living treat those loved ones - after you are gone. 

There could be many other cons depending on what kind of person you were in private and public....

So, if we really value any kind of people while we are living, we should live so that our living would have been a big gift to them and our death the greatest loss - and not the other way around!
Consider  being forced to live beyond your desire to live.   Terminal boredom sets in.  Or Terminal Disgust.  Or maybe Existential Pain and Agony.  And one reaches the point where he would sell his soul just to be able to die and begone from the source of his pain.  That kind of immortality  is equivalent to our  most horrific  vision of Hell.  

Death is relief from pain.   So for many it would be a gift.    And that just addresses the negative aspects of being immortal.

Then there is the Tolkienesque idea of going beyond the Circles of the World.  It would be a chance to experience something New   and perhaps Wonderful.   After we have had our fill of the world as it is,  how wonderful to be able to go beyond that and experience the joy and wonder of  experiencing something new.   Imagine   experiencing a First Time  once again!
Without death, existence would lose its definition.

I'd have ended this answer there but quora says simple and straightforward isn't good enough. Death is little more than an observation of change; things cease to be what they were. Without death, there would be no change. Indeed everything is living and dying at the same time, ever changing and transforming.  

Death is the biggest gift because it gives us everything. As such it should not be rushed into, and avoided wherever possible. Death is the gift you open last.

This book might help. I wrote it. My authority is that I exist and think about existence, just like anyone else that claims authority on the matter. I can't afford a pHd in philosophy or physics though, so feel free to completely ignore it if that's all that's important.

A Little Drop of Quantum Philosophy: Amazon.co.uk: Philippa Lucy Try: 9781291963359: Books
There is a saying which goes like:
After the end of a chess game, both the king and the pawn goes back to the same box.

The same happens for a human being that after death they get the same treatment. In a way it helps you think that materialistic aggrandizing doesn't help. Lead a life of what you can make best of it and that is why it is the biggest gift.

NB: It is a different thing that we see people dying every day but always think it is never going to happen to me, thereby thinking in the reverse way. The sooner you realize truth, the better it is.

So happy living, and have the strength to accept the greatest gift.
It isn't! Not unless you are religious and believe in heaven and paradise and blah blah blah.
If death is the biggest gift I don't want a big gift I will happily accept the little gift called life, with a big bow on top, thanks.
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