Why is doing simple things in life important?

if you mess up something as simple and as important as breathing, you might get into serious trouble.

And maybe simple things make you what you are:

  1. you wake up
  2. brew coffee
  3. taking bath
  4. drinking coffee inside the car, while driving to work
  5. everything you do in the process
  6. sleep

Just imagine you mess up even one of your daily simple schedule, ex: you don't get enough sleep. Do you really feel like yourself?

What are simple things by the way?

I bet they are things like laughing out loud, breaking into a dance at your favorite song or music, smiling at strangers more often than not, saying thank you and sorry without a hint of sarcasm or ego, greeting the rain, holding your beloved's hand, cracking a joke, speaking the exact words to let people know you love them, forgiving a slight instantly, trying to forget it too, finding time for those close to you, listening someone out, prompting someone to speak, loaning a much needed amount to a friend or a relative, sharing food, sharing knowledge, sharing happiness.

These are a few simple things from the top of my head. There certainly are countless more as every activity must have a simpler version of itself.

Now simple things are not necessarily as easy to do as you would like. You could confirm that by checking out the listed things one by one against yourself. These very things are also most likely to bring you an abundance of joy and happiness and shape your life for the better in most ways.

So, what is simple is not always easy, hence the stress upon doing these very things repeatedly. So much so that it becomes part of your nature.

I am an Indian and quite inspired by Hrishikesh Mukherjee who had the knack of telling stories without violence or obscenity. Yet, he was able to spread family values and morals through comedy. In one of his movies ‘Bawarchi', he touches upon exactly the subject of your question and has a quote as Rajesh Khanna's most interesting monologue in the movie.

Doing simple things keeps you going.

Simple things are important, because even complicated things are made of of....




simple things.

Get the little things right, and the big things take care of themselves.

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