Why is fear mandatory in life?

Though we are not aware we all are living in an atmosphere of fear. The fear is both within and without . Fear is the greatest factor of blockade on the path of life and evolution causing unreasonable suffering. Let us explore what and why fear and how to solve the problem of fear.

We are afraid of so many things in life.  Fear is their in all,  in all living beings, in  man of  all ages and in whatever secured condition and position one may be. There is fear in a new born baby and there is fear  in a dying old man. Fear is there in every part of the body , in the physical,  vital and the mental. It is in the gene of the cell as memory. What is this fear and why is fear ?

Whatever has been created or found in the creation , thing or feeling , has a purpose behind it  and nothing is there without use in the natural creation. All natural things and feelings are for survival and progress of the concerned steps of creation and in the higher steps they are replaced by higher things and feelings. So fear is the natural feeling of a living thing when its survival is threatened with affect of  pain or loss of life by the external world. Fear is the feeling that stimulates the body  either to face or escape the situation. Fear is actually not a realty of the present but a possibility of a future that may or may not happen but  the result is felt in a lesser quantity in advance. And this fear has its base in the memories of such situations faced in the past. So fear is an  element of precaution for survival, safety and security.

We are afraid of pain and suffering , insecurity and uncertainty,  decay and death, change and displacement, unknown and upcoming , risk and adventure , relation and loneliness,  chance and challenge and because we are afraid of death so we are afraid of life as well , because life and death are not two but one truth. Out of fear , in the illusion of escaping death we surrender to death  and out of ignorance we call our death life. So ignorance is in fact the cause of fear.

We human beings are neither  afraid of the past nor of the present but of the future. In fact we are afraid of the unknown , of the  uncertain and  the future is unknown and uncertain. The past is known , certain and fixed. We try to face the unknown and uncertain future sitting on the shoulders of the fixed and dead , lamb and blind past. Is it possible to face the new with the old ? Is it possible to face the unknown with the known ? Is it possible to face fact with fear ? We are not adequately prepared to face the unknown . So we try to give the unknown a known face, we paint it with imagination and hopes and desires.  We create a future of our own likes and dislikes far away from the reality and live in it. So our future is a make belive world of our dreams and desires . This is how we solve our problem of fear. But when  the make believe world  collapses  by the coming of the reality and all our hopes and dreams shatter , the fear returns again. It means the problem is not solved but simply pushed to a little distance.

 The problem of fear will be solved only when the ignorance is gone. Only when we would realise that there is nothing called death, that there is no cessation , no end of life . The creation is an unending process , we only change from (body) and path (environment).  In the process of making which is called evolution minor destructions are necessary and therefore suffering is inevitable . In creativity which is for pleasure suffering is a byproduct  which has to be endured. So fear and ignorance have to be replaced by awareness and knowledge.

 We should know that all feelings whether of pain or of pleasure are of the consciousness in different planes of existence. So fear is also a feeling of consciousness in material plane; of physical , vital and mental plane. It is a feeling of the lower animals out of ignorance ,out of the illusion of insecurity and death . But the moment the consciousness is liberated from material or physical bondage there is no more fear, as it would regain the knowledge of truth, of its own  existence.  Of course there will be suffering ,decay and death as usual but there will be awareness and endurance all along. It means that   our consciousness must be free from  physical bondage  and there must be awareness and knowledge for life to be  fearless. 
Let us see how fear rules our life and makes it small, petty, squeezed , bonded, conditional, withdrawn , stagnant and almost dead. There is no freedom where there is fear. Read this poem below by Rabindranath Tagore :

Where The Mind Is Without Fear

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

But all our political,  social, judicial  and religious system are based on fear and terrorism. Because we are afraid of police and punishment we obey all rules and regulations of the state and the society. Because we are afraid of the punishment in the hell and next life we believe and worship God out of fear.  And we have observed those who are in charge of the execution of the rules  and can influence rules , become fearless to rule and terrorise others and become a source of fear for others. So it is all the same whether man becomes an instrument in the hand of  fear or fear becomes an instrument in the hand of man . In either cash it is the fear that rules life.  Above all all our individual lives are ruled by fear, are conditioned by fear.  We always live under the pressure of fear but  not aware of it because we have made such life a habit.

  Let us go detail into it how our lives run on the rail of fear. Let us first consider human relationship. In love there is no fear. There is freedom. That is why love gives bliss and happiness.  But when love transforms into a relationship or bound by relationship it gets minimised , conditional and the fear of breaking or loosing becomes the first condition of the relationship which brings adjustment and dependence,  duty and demands to burden life. When any condition and adjustment is not  obeyed relationship is finished. And we are afraid of loneliness and insecurity  being habituated and conditioned to relationship. In fact in the name of relationship we become slaves to each other. In all family and social relationship  we want others to be as we like and also we want to be as others  like. So we hide our faults and  behave in a manner to be in the good list of others. We are afraid of speaking truth and out of fear we live a life of hypocrite. In all relationships everyone hides his true self from  other with a secret dark room inside where personal faults  disqualified as  inhuman activities or characteristics are kept  hidden. We are afraid of being true to ourselves with the fear that the slave can't live without the master and also the master can't live without the slave. In all family relationships between husband and wife, father and son,  brother and sister fear play a major role to keep the adjustment strong and tight.

We fear crowd and at the same time fear loneliness. We fear the crowd which is unknown and also we fear to be lonely , to be with our own self. The self or the 'I' is an image of the crowd which fears to be lost in the rush and in loneliness it fears to be lost without the support of its base.  We fear  expansion  and at the same time we fear dissolution. Because both way there is death and unknown. We want to remain fixed , unchanged and secured in between. But it is not possible. So fear is there at the both end also in between.

We are afraid of freedom, because in freedom there is insecurity. We are afraid of love, because in love there is dissolution. So we immediately transform love and freedom into relationship and bondage. We transform life into death.

We are afraid of time, of change, of movement. So we pass or kill time, we resist , we stick , we want to be rooted. We don't want risk, adventure,  newness. We search happiness in habit, in stability , in easiness, in pettiness . To be absolutely free from fear , constant awareness and knowledge and self realisation is required but one can't reach the destination with a long jump. We have to walk the road step by step and try to be fearless sometimes and in some  of our physical and mental actions and see the results. Friends, be a little bit fearless, courageous, adventurous  and see how graceful,  beautiful and playful  a life is. Be fearless and enjoy driving .Be fearless and enjoy swimming in the river and the sea. Be fearless and enjoy wandering and climbing mountains.  Be fearless and express your thoughts and feelings in a public meeting . Be fearless in the exploration and expression of truth of the world and the self. And see and feel the beauty and expansion of your life. A few moments of fearless life is worth living than a long span of a fearful life. Life is there where freedom is, where insecurity and death is side by side , where fearlessness is.
To know the effect of fear on body let me forward  the following facts once I received

अमेरिका मे जब एक कैदी को फांसी की सजा
सुनाई गई तो वहा के कुछ वैज्ञानिकोने सोचा की क्यों ना इस कैदी पर कूछ प्रयोग किए जाए...।
तब कैदी को बताया गया की हम तुझे फांसी
देकर नहीं परन्तु जहरीला कोबरा सांप डसाकर मारेंगे...और उसके सामने बड़ा सा जहरीला सांप ले आने के बाद कैदी की आँखे बंद करके कुर्सी से बाँधा गया और उसको सांप नहीं बल्की दो सेफ्टी पिन्स चुभाई गई,,,
और क्या हुआ कि कैदी की कुछ सेकेंड्स में
ही मौत हो गई...पोस्टमार्टम के बाद पाया
गया की कैदी के शरीर में भी सांप के जहर के
समान ही जहर है...।
अब ये जहर कहा से आया जिसने उस कैदी
की जान ले ली...। वो जहर उसके खुदके शरीर ने ही सदमे में उत्पन्न किया था...।
हमारे हर संकल्प से पोजिटिव या नेगेटिव
एनर्जी उत्पन्न होती है...। और वो हमारे शरीर में उस अनुसार Harmons उत्पन्न करती है,,, 75 % बीमारियों का मूल कारण नकारात्मक सोच से उत्पन्न ऊर्जा ही है...।

It means, fear creates a kind of Harmon in the body which is a kind of negative energy that acts as poison in  the body. Anger also creates such Harmon in the body. When we are living a life with a continuous undercurrent of fear , it means that our body is given a slow poison to die slowly from moment to moment. We can feel the effect of fear on the body when we are caught by a strong fear that threatens our post, power or prestige or when we are face to face with any accident or death .It drains all energy from the body , makes it weak and also weaken the mind to take right decision to face the situation. When there is fear neither the mind can take rest nor the body can relax. Fear can manifest as frustration , as depression , as negative thoughts and desires to escape. The only remedy of fear is to know that it is an illusion , the blindness of a weak and confused mind.
I think fear is more genetic. Its the fear which made us to find  secure ways of living and doing things,both material and emotional.In a way it controls and directs you and your behaviour.It is the fear of animals thats when man started to live in dens.Its the fear of hurting others we control our emotional behaviour.Its the fear of failing that makes you work hard.Oon the whole everyone should fear enough to be more HUMANE.
 Its one of the reasons for creating the term GOD and all of us are supposed to be GOD fearing.Fear only to the extent which helps you to be more cautious,more planned and ready to do the needfull. Fearing more than required makes your life treacherous.

Don't let fear get over you.Keep tight control.fear enough to do your best.Prepare for the worst and do your best.

I don't know I m right to give answers of such question, but I would like to express my thought for it. Because it leads ourself to be good, to be gentle man toward our family, our society, etc. It could be any form like fear of God, fear of parent, fear of wrong thing, fear of mistake, fear of job lost, fear of fail in exam, fear of anything which leads, I consider, to be good man, to avoiding any wrong thing, being gentle man by doing good thing in daily activities like being good with our family, our society, in our job, etc., and so, actually, from fear we leads toward our success.

Fear is ultimately supporting in our life by controlling any wrong thing, it's comes as a challenge in our life and we should have to consider it and by achieving we build up our strength of it. So for me it is very essential in life.

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