Why is it most difficult to lift heavy weights for shoulder workout?

This is absolutely personal; many find this problem with their legs, many complain from arms point of view.

Firstly, get it that shoulders are not those big trapezeus muscles below your head; those actually are your back muscles. The muscles above your biceps, are the deltoids' muscles (actual shoulders). These deltoid muscles are divided into three parts; the anterior deltoid, lateral deltoid and posterior deltoid. The anterior and lateral deltoids are ‘push' muscles, while the posterior deltoid is a 'pull' muscle.

Th anterior deltoid easily gets exercised and comparatively stonger than the other two, as it is involved in all the compound movements of forward and overhead pushes. The lateral and the posterior deltoids are usually pacticed in the isolated manner, by starters.

Compound movements are movements practised by more than one joint; isolated movements are movements practised by only one joint. Now, one joint will naturally not lift as heavy as the compound movement, right ? This, you are feeling that it is difficult to practice heavy weights.

Just take one thing into mind; do not judge a weight as heavy, merely by the looks and size of the weight. Keep 1 judgement; if you are not able to perform 15 repetitions of a particular movement, that weight for that exercise is heavy. If 15 repetitions are done, that weight is light; it is time to move to a higher weight.

Each individual has his own physical strengths. One exercise that may be light for you, may be difficult for another, with the same weight; and vice versa. So, stick to comparison with your own self, only. Always strive to get better than what you are..

The anterior and the rear deltoids can be exercised in a compound manner, but the lateral deltoid, especially, is a comparatively small muscle which is exercised in an isolated manner only.

So, remove this fallacy out of your mind that you cannot pick heavy with your deltoids. Exercise each muscle steadily and you will surely get stronger everywhere. Stick with the formula, for judgement of heavy and light weights.

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