Why is it that life is full of never-ending problems?

There is something far more important than our problems.
When you are close to that, then you forget all the trivia.

Problems can never be solved because the very attempt to solve a problem establishes the problem even more.

Problems can only be forgotten.

You can only walk past a problem; you can only make a problem redundant; you can only come to a point where you don't want to even solve the problem.

You say let it be, how does it matter? There is something more important, more exciting, more joyful waiting. Solving this problem would take 3 seconds and I don't even want to give it 3 seconds. There is something so utterly waiting for me that even if a solution is given to me I don't want to execute it. Such a boring thing, executing solutions. Let the problem be...

For example:

You are going to meet your beloved and there is a stain on your shirt, which is a problem, would you rather turn around, go back, change your shirt, wear a new one and waste half an hour, and then go and meet? You say let the problem remain, I am perfect with the problem. There is something so utterly magnificent in front of me that this problem can remain and yet be insignificant.

So, you go and embrace the real one with all your stains. And that's what life is, we all have so many stains: problems, mind stuff. We embrace the Truth along with all this.

If we keep waiting to get rid of all this so that one final day we will meet God, then you will never meet God.

Those who are really fond of meeting the beloved, they don't first go and take a bath and get a new suit ordered, reserve a table, book tickets, they don't do all that. Madly they jump over themselves stumbling and falling.

As kids, whenever most favorite dish would be prepared, we won't even take 30 seconds to go and wash our hands. We would let the germs, the infection, the stains remain, there is something so fascinating in front of me that I want to take it in. Who has 30 seconds to spend on hygiene! Even the germs are all welcome. Find that!

Make your problems like a joke, funny, irrelevant. In your moment of deepest bliss do you complain of tooth-ache? Do you do that? Only a wretched one would do that, and he deserves that all his teeth are broken.

Whatever you do with your problems you would remain with the problem.

Far better than solving a problem is transcending the problem.

Transcend the problem.

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