Why is it that we are not originally jealous by nature but we feel jealous of only certain people not because you want attention or something but those people don't treat you nicely and that's what makes you jealous and insecure of them?

I think people do get jealous by nature but that a variety of experiences or attitudes can make it less bad or worse.

There are people who do things for the purpose of making someone or others jealous.

Many do not.

I read something somewhere once that differentiated between "good thought jealousy" and "bad thought jealousy". Bad jealousy is when one hates whoever one is jealous of. Good jealousy is more like either: That was my husband/wife and I am sorry that is now someone else's but still happy for them if they are well.....Or: I really want to be rich to; or I wanted to get a part in that play as well, but I am happy for those who did.

What are some ways to stay fit without working out every day?

Go for a walk, take a short bike ride, or try not to sit as often for instance if you have a choice to stand or sit, stand. Try to use as much effort as you can doing basic activities. Say you have to walk up

As an Oracle apps DBA, is AWS a good choice for me?

AWS has a reported 50% market share of the Public Cloud IaaS market. AWS claim there are more Oracle databases running on AWS than on Oracle Cloud and more Microsoft SQL Server Databases running on AWS than on Microsoft Azure Cloud.Also, Oracle database is under attack from

What would you say are the 5 most important defining characteristics about living in Manhattan?

Space, or rather, a lack thereof. I regularly assess the value of my belongings and throw out the stuff not worth the square footage I pay per month.All the takeout in the world, but good luck grocery shopping: there are almost a hundred thousand residents/commuters per major