Why is life so hard for new graduates?

Real education about life starts after graduation!!Facing too much of reality,makes us feel life is so hard!!

  1. My degree taught me to prepare and attend interviews !! No one told ,some loose nuts wil be sitting there ,with no good qualifications to question me.All the person has is some connection with the Head of the firm!
  2. Market value for our degree is decided by the salary package,which never matches when we join the job..
  3. Life will teach financial management.
  4. If everything is about earning money ,I would have opted being a actress than studying hard for all these years..
  5. Graduation didn't give me confidence to survive but gave me restrictions to choose my job because society expects me to earn in lakhs without knowing the demand of the market.
  6. Part time jobs would be considered less ,real jobs related to our degree will be next to impossible
  7. Society around us wil demotivate us,and we would search motivation outside for long time not knowing that,it is being inside us.
  8. Google will teach us more values than our college education,in interesting way and especially when we need it the most.
  9. Our dreams becomes costly to afford,passion seems hopeless and our degree will be of no use.

but anything we need can be changed!! never lose hope!! That's the main lesson.

See, there is nothing like hard or easy. It's just the changes that one finds hard to cope up with. If one quickly adapts himself with the new environment, life would be easy. So now let me give the answer to your question.

  1. Struggle for job: If you have been rejected a lot of times or failed to clear an exam, you will feel miserable.
  2. Taunts of relatives (not all, but those who have to do nothing but just irritate someone) that you haven't got a job yet or that you can do nothing and blah blah blah.
  3. In some cases, less interaction with friends.
  4. The ones with whom you were friends a day before are now gonna be your competition.

I didn't graduate yet but I think from what I have seen I can answer this question

Life is and always will be hard but depending on the stage of life we are in we take time to adjust with the hardness of life

I think graduation is a huge leap in a person's life there are various changes that takes place after graduation

One major that changes is that before graduation when we are in college it is easier to make mistakes and learn from them because the price(the consequences) we pay for making a mistake is less but after graduation making mistakes might end up having huge consequences

Life is hard for everyone, whether elderly or underly, educated or uneducated, rich or poor, strong or weak, tall or short, famous or unfamous, having a big house or homeless, lottery winner or loosing on lotteries, conscious or unconscious, in USA or aspiring to be in USA, doctor or patient, and God or Godly.

We just have to learn to live the life as it unfolds. Looking at the positive sides of the life makes us happy. Looking at the negative sides of the life makes us unhappy.

Till graduation one used to enjoy tension free student life . After that comes the real competition of life , choosing specialisation then building career at his own. Before that all at parents expense .

Because you no longer have the privileges of being a student. Expectations come up such as supporting yourself and be an adult. Along with freedom comes responsibility.

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