Why is my butt getting smaller with squats?

Dear Chelle Chelle:

I am unable to answer your question directly since I am aware of no additional information concerning doing squat program, diet, the volume of work, etc. Apparently from your question you may be experiencing a reduction of adipose in your buttocks meanwhile you are using some forms of squatting. Therefore you seek to know if there is any connection.

Here is what I know and learned for the past eight years.

Reduction of fat from your midsection, the buttocks and hip, belly and thighs linked exclusively to your diet and lifestyle and partially based on your genetics.

All forms of exercise will help you to lose body fat if combined with a suitable diet, recovery system. Quality and quantity of food matter. It is a big deal.

The barbell squats if administered as part of a well-thought-out plan of strength training along with deadlift variations and some overhead pressing will drastically impact your entire physique.

Specifically, the barbell squats if done right can shape and impact your gluteal muscle development while helping you lose body fat, trigger your fat burning hormones, make connective tissues. The body chiseling and physique transformation begins from there.

As you reduce body fat and shape you gluteal muscle, legs, hips, quads, and hamstring extended to your lower back and posterior, you will begin to appear leaner and chiseled from every angle.

As you make progress with weightlifting lifestyle, more connective tissues will be developed around your buttocks, your functional fitness improves - your butt slowly fit into its original intended shape with less fat surrounding the area.

It becomes firm, lean and used more efficiently by your body for powerful hip thrusts, capable of lifting more working with your core and legs and you become more athletic leading to better health.

I have experienced this in my body coming from a flat butt and out of shape to a acceptable athletic posterior side. I owe it to eight years of squats, deadlifts, overhead pressing, snatches and vertical jerks. I also use plenty of assistance exercises such as good mornings, RDLs to help shape my posterior from top to bottom. Good morning and Hip Thrusts are also useful assistant exercises.

The squats, deadlifts alone will not be enough, although a terrific start for the new trainers and must be included in all strength training programs for the entire duration. Olympic Lifts are handy in building full body muscular development.

It takes a massive amount of commitment (months and years) to weightlifting and other high-intensity sports while keeping an eye on nutrition, recovery, work volume, and if your genetic characteristics are favorable, you will appear ripped and athletic with a butt that fits the rest of your physique.

I hope you find my answer useful.

Mansour's disclaimer:

Don't do anything stupid and get hurt lifting big weights after reading some of my answers. This would make us both quite unhappy. Consult a Medical Doctor, a strength training coach and common-sense specialist before doing anything you may read in some of my answers.

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