Why is my ex texting my friend?

Attention, or to bang your friend! Let your friend know you'd prefer if they didn't talk. You want that person out of your life and that you don't see anything good that can come from them conversting. If they continue to talk then prepare for drama. But hey, maybe your into that?

Is it legal to live homelessly in other countries without a visa, certain attributes or other documents?

It is illegal to be in any other country than your own without the appropriate travel documents. It is also illegal to remain in a country after the original specified period. Further if you told the truth and said you intended to arrive to be homeless you would not be granted access to the country in the first

How will my body change when I can do 100 push ups, 200 sit ups and squats every day? Do I need to do any extra exercises?

You need to increase the amount of reps and sets over time. Remember, your body needs a reason to change. If you don't add resistance then your body has no reason to change. Doing 100 push ups everyday won't really change it. However, increasing weight using a backpack or even increasing reps for that matter will enforce some change.On

How to find out if my husband or I am a narcissist

Simple. If either one of you lack in empathy you are a narccisist. Narcs don't and can't feel any kind of emotions. Healthy non narcs feel love, pain, sorrow, guilt ,empathy and sympathy for others. Narcs do not posses that ability what's so ever , not even towards children. Narcissits don't ever want to deal with their