Why is ramen so valuable in prison?

It's not "valuable" really, it's one of the cheapest things on canteen, so people end up buying loads of them, because it's a quick meal, you only need hot water.

They're on the canteen menu, meaning you can buy as many as you want, so they're not valuable, but some people might accept some as part of a deal.

I'm not sure on your smoking laws in the US, but U.K. prisons used to run on tobacco. That was the currency. I've asked what it is now, just to be given weird answers like "drugs!"

Nope, drugs are the product, tobacco was the currency.

So noodles are just cheap and handy to have, because they don't feed you enough in prison. I was constantly hungry, but soon filled a cupboard with various noodle packs.

Buy a bottle of super spicy sauce, and you're laughing.

Although when I see them now, I have flashbacks.

The soups are easy to make - hot water, cover for 3 minutes stir, and it's ready. They can be used as currency for little favors you want done that someone else has a talent for. They are also very versatile as a major ingredient in all kinds of goulash and party meals. Those kinds of meals would have anywhere from 5 to 8 or more packages. Sausage sticks, pickles, crumbled Doritos, hot sauce, rolled in a soft tortilla shells. You can feed 10 people with that kind of thing. Any contribution to the "pot" was always welcome and shared.

Could a passing ship be sucked into a black hole?

Absolutely. When approaching a black hole, gravity becomes increasingly strong. Eventually, it becomes so strong, even right can't escape its pull.Unfortunately for out hypothetical starship, much like a person in a canoe approaching a waterfall, there is a point before you reach the drop (or event horizon) when, even though you haven't gone over, you can't escape the

Is technology a good thing?

Only you can answer that.Technology is amoral, agnostic, has no desire to progress and no desire to do anything other than function. The person using it does. Technology has given us so much of the world around you. For example, the computer

Do we Hindus have to learn concept of one god from Islam or Christianity?

प्रणाम (PRANAAM )/GREETINGS-------------------NO, WE ONLY HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF GOD IN HINDUISM PROPERLY. PLEASE READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH TO KNOW FURTHERGOD-ISHWAR, PARMATMA, BHAGWAN & DEVTA These are the four words used in Hinduism for GOD . Lets see a little explanation about these words to understand the differenceISHWAR /PARMATMA(ईश्वर)-Ishwar is one & only one. It is