Why is there so much hate for black clover?

I like Black Clover. Quite a lot actually... but it's hard to argue that it's a good show. It's predictable, the characters are just extreme archetypes, the story isn't fantastically written and it's not unique by any sense of the word. If you've seen Naruto and Fairy Tail then you've seen Black Clover. "Spiky haired boy refuses to give up no matter what in his goal to be the king of *Insert fighting style of show here*!"

Every time one of the characters says something along the lines of "I almost reverted back to my previous self" I am driven slightly more insane. People don't change that easily. You don't meet someone, hear them talk or see them not giving up, and then immediately see how wrong you were your entire life and start following their ideology like a religion.

To say that Asta is an underdog is just silly, so it bothers me that they are constantly trying to shove down your throat how unfortunate he is. He was given one of the most overpowered abilities ever right out the gate. He can negate ANY MAGIC! If the Wizard King made a massive fireball and shot it at Asta from the beginning of the show, he could still cut it in two.

All in all, it's not hard for me to see why the show get's a lot of hate, but I love it anyway. Yuno makes the story for me. Every time he's on screen something bad-ass, hilarious, or interesting happens. Yami is a great joke on shounen characters who has absolute faith that no matter what happens, he won't die. He'll just break his limits again like a true shounen protagonist.

The concept of the story may not be new or interesting, but the journey is, and it's a fun one at that. I always enjoy myself whilst reading the manga, and often find myself laughing out loud.

Sure, maybe it's not the best show out there, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the hell out of it.

What is a realistic Powerlifting goal?

Aim for 1000 lb club first. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Set manageable goals and go from there. A great man named Jim Wendler once said, "Someone asked me what was my aim after benching X lb, I told him, bench X+2.5kg lb." You hit a new 5RM?

What do you find the hardest about building muscle?

Joining a gym is easy what is actually difficult is to make it a habit.people think getting into fitness is not that difficult,just join a gym,workout and build a beautiful physique,what they don't understand is getting into fitness is not that easy,it takes a lot of sacrifice,patience,willpower and a lot of qualities to actually