Why isn't Africa developing as Europe?

Because no African nation exploited or stole the natural resources from other nations as Europe has. Western Europe without the spoils from Africa, South-East Asian and the Americas would look more like rural Ukraine than London. Most of Western Europe is only good for agriculture. African had most of the resources it needed so there was no need to "Explore" after the great migration.

Without external resources Eastern Europeans would make for the most powerful Nations because of their vast oil resources.

Africa isnt deveponing like Europe because of Europe. SCANDAL: According To A German Newspaper, Africa Pays 400 Billion Euros Per Year to France!!

The Africans chose not to.

Even when supported by the West they chose violence over development.

Today many millions live on handouts and charity from the West.

They are free to live as they chose. But we should not subsidise them.

It never was at the same level as Europe.

Because their climate makes it unnecessary.

And because they have been kept down by colonial powers, and their own governments, wanting them not to develop.

And because the money just isn't there to develop.

And because the people there don't want to destroy their nature, which is something that development does.

How often do Australians eat kangaroo?

It was a staple food for indigenous Australians prior to European colonization. It's now a gourmet item served in a few highbrow restaurants and some places that specialize in bush foods. Many Australians who live in a big city will have eaten it a few times in their life but it's not a common food that you'd find

How different would India be today if the British had decided to settle here?

At the peak, there were just 15,000 Britishers in India. Ruling over a country of close to 400 million. I guess they realized they would be a very insignificant number in a democracy, and hardly a hundred or so stayed back in

What would have happened if Hitler failed to remove democracy?

He would have been voted out. The massive rearmament program would have bene impossible. And the financial flim-flam that hid the size of the deficit would have caused serious economic problems.http://histclo.com/essay/war/ww2...But the question is unreasonable.At Hitler's core was dictatorship, concentration camps, war, and genocide. It is impossible to separate those from Hitler.biography: Adolf Hitler