Why my weight stuck after losing 10 kgs? I want to lose 15kgs more please help?

There can be many reasons why you get stuck and can't lose weight.

  • No proper exercise
  • No proper diet
  • Intake of carbs
  • No proper rest
  • No proper adequate intake of micronutrients
  • Your mental health.

But do you want to lose weight or lose fat? Because losing fat will help you remove those lose flabby tissue which are on your body 24 x 7. If you try to lose weight, you'll lose your muscle tissue and that will make you weaker, slower and lower your BMR.

Id suggest you to go and check your Body Fat% If you're male then BF% should be 8–12% for females 12–20%. If you're in this criteria you should be going for weight gain/muscle gain. The best method to check BF% is DEXA SCAN.

If you want a diet, then email find_a_plan@themesomorph.com

Now idk whether the weight you lost was in terms of muscle loss or fat loss, but if your planning to drop down more, then make sure it should be pure FAT LOSS.

Tips on losing FATS:

What to do to reduce Fat%?

Every individual is differnt and so is their BMR. The plan which I give will be real quick for one but will be slow for someone. Some steps are given below.

  • WEIGHT TRAINING AND CARDIO SIMULTANEOUS DAYS: weight training has to be there. Unless there's no breakdown of muscles, there won't be any anabolism and supercompensation no extra calorie will be used. Also when your muscles breakdown they repair themselves for a greater stress ahead with the help of nutrition increasing your BMR and EPOC (Excess Post-Exercsie Oxygen Consumption) and increasing the After-Burn effect. Cardio is necessary to increase the cardiac muscles of your heart so that blood and oxygen can reach to all the parts of your body.
  • INTENSITY OF WORKOUT:A beginner should lift weight so much that he can do 15–20 reps. An intermediate should lift such a weight so that he can do only 15–20 reps. An advanced person should lift such a weight so that he can only do 7–10 reps. A super advanced person should such a weight so that he can do only 4–7 reps.
  • NUTRITION:What to eat is the biggest problem. It also depends if you're a Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Super Advanced also it depends on your body type, that whether you're Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph. Still what you should eat is in a fat loss diet is HIGH FAT (double your protein intake), MODERATE PROTEIN ( 2 x your LBM) VERY LOW CARBS (<30gms).

Very low carb!! Sounds absurd right? Here'the reason behind it:

When you aim for weight loss, you lose a lot of muscle mass (as muscle being denser than fats) due to which you become weak, lazy and kower your BMR. What you should aim is for FAT LOSS. Fats are lose and flabby. They're like the extra baggage on your shoulder which you carry with you everywhere whole day, making you tired and stressed out.

If you want to lose weight it should be in the form of Fat loss because even Fats have weight.

What you only need to do is just restrict your carbs!! Yes!! Carbs are your enemy to everything.

You must've heard that carbs are the primary source of fuel fir the body to use and also appare the "preferred" source of fuel. WRONG!! It can be said that all of this is false and this conclusion can be shown in the body to be true. What I am getting at is that all of the above claims becomes true once the majority of the calories are ingested as Carbs. Once 60% of your energy intake comes from Carbs, then insulin ensures that the real preferred source of energy- FATS is not used. If it would've been Preferred source of fuel then it would use carbs even if you feed your body with 95% of protein.

Insulin also ensures that a large part of the glucose derived from Carbs infested is turned into triglycerides and sent to fat cells and locked up. This creates a further need for carbs. Carb ingestion in a way feeds its demand.

Now that Carbs isn't there who'll give you energy?

Carbs give you energy of 4kcal per gram with protein giving the same amount of energy 4kcal per gram, but it's using protein for energy is better and clearer way than carbs. Protein doesn't give any insulin spike and therefore has no risk of storage of fats in fat cells.

But the best energy provider is FATS. It gives you energy of 9kcal per gram, more than double of proteins and carbs!!

Yes. Fats has been on the negative side since ages because of its name and lack of studies.

The prevelant, simplistic but hugely erroneous concept of Calories in-Calories out as the explanation for obesity, coupled with another simplistic but hugely erroneous concept of "Calorie is a calorie is a calorie" condemned fat for having more than twice the amount of calories as carbs and proteins. In a time when Low cal meant healthy, there was no place for this fantastic natural storehouse of energy.

Also i'd like to say the amount of calories you intake doesn't matter ONLY if you eat Hight amount of FATS and not CARBS. Calorie is the unit of measuring energy, that's it. But if you eat carbs then you'll have to make sure that you don't exceed an amount of calories because THAT will go into your fat cells.

So eat a HIGH FAT MODERATE PROTEIN and VERY LOW CARB diet. Exercise well, weight training and cardio eat your Macronutrients and Micronutrients properly. You'll definitely see your results.

If you want a diet then email find_a_plan@themesomorph.com

  • REST AND RECOVER: The stimulus for repair by weight training (progressive overload) and the raw material for repair from nutrition still cannot bring repai, super compensatio and hyperteophy if the body is not given enough time to do so.

Minimum 8 hours of sleep

Weight training no more than 4 days a week

Training one body part once and only once a week

Scheduling body parts such that supporting muscle groups are allowed time to recover.

  • HYDRATE YOURSELF: Drink enough water. 6–8 litres in a day is enough for a person.
  • MICRONUTRIENT SUPPLEMEN: All the vitamins and minerals should be taken properly. Antioxidants which include vitamin E, C, A; and minerals, zinc, selenium, chromium, B-complex vitamins, vitamin B12, Folic acid, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D, Phosphorus and Magnesium.

*There are different calculations for everything and for every individual. Please ask an expert before doing anything yourself.

I guess this information is enough.

Thank you.

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