Why should I be sad? I personally smile every time, but people give negative looks. Why?

You can notice often that whenever someone is sad, spending time with that person makes you sad too because Emotional states are as infectious as physical diseases. You may feel that you are helping the needy sad person who is always complaining about his/her life that everything is going wrong in that person's life but you know what you are only inviting your own disaster. The unfortunate people sometimes draw misfortune on themselves; they will also drag you down it on you at their miserable level.

Those misfortunate people among us who have been brought down by some unlucky circumstances beyond their control deserve all the help and sympathy we can provide them but you never notice that they pass their negative emotions and misfortunes.... Read full on my website.

You shouldn't be sad. They are just paranoid and jealous you are happy. Don't let the living sneezes get you down!

Why do people seriously still believe in dinosaurs?

Uh - if it had hit a few millions of years sooner or later, the result would have been the same.One might argue the effect it would have had during a global ice age, but in that case no dinosaurs would have been around.Just out of curiosity, what

How far is New Horizons from Pluto?

As of 3 December 2014 its distance from Pluto is 1.78 AU.New Horizons Web Site

Which is better for Bulgaria in all aspects: NATO/EU or Russia?

Q: Which is better for Bulgaria in all aspects: NATO/EU or Russia?N/A: Unanswerable.Q: Which is better for Bulgaria: NATO/EU or Russia?N/A: Bulgaria is a fully independent country, no adequate answer can be present.Q: Which is the best policy for Bulgaria in it's relations with NATO/EU and Russia?A:Sly.Long-term membership in