Why should I let my dad back into my life?

Because God or Nature created family having parents where Dad always suppose to be the leader, the guider, the supporter of the family. It would be blessed if you have a good Dad. If they It's not so then you want to find out so you will be good and safe for yourself

OoOf course, if your Dad had been really bad; if he had been behaved selfishly as an Evil then for your own sake, you should avoid him or cut him off from your life. This doesn't mean that you will not have an open mind to find out the REAL facts or REASONS that created your situation. Find out for yourself WHY for your own understanding so you will feel PEACE in your own life. It's your life, not your Mom's or Dad's so you want to make it good for yourself.

I write as the above bases on my own experience: my own daughter believed her Mom who wanted to divorce me. My daughter listened, believed her Mom to call me "EVIL" and wanted to be with her Mom where my daughter was in "special population" which blocked her from learning and from advancing her OWN successful life. I fought hard for my own daughter!

After almost eight years of fighting my daughter, fighting her Mom, the attorneys, and the courts ... I got my daughter back. With my support, My daughter already knows who was the liar; she was out of the mental hospital, out of the "special population" and being in ALL advanced classes. She now puts her mind in art, literature, science... to build her own lives fife and to forget about her Mom. Her Mom "disowned" the daughter when the plan didn't go through well! So find out to your self. Get HELP if you need to

This question does not provide enough details to enable me give an unbiased answer.

Sorry about asking a question, first.

Why did you let him out of your life in the first instance?

First off, I'm not saying you should. There is no right or wrong answer here.

With that said, if your dad was previously in your life and abusive to you in any way, then I suggest not to let him back in. However, if he just wasn't around? Then I would.

My own father passed away when I was 14. He was a great dad and I would give a lot to get him back. It is hard to grow up without a parent in your life. In my case, I know what I was and still am missing out on. I am thankful for the few years I did have with mine. So the opportunity you have right now is a valuable one. Don't take this decision lightly.

I don't know why he is out, but if he genuinely wants to make amends and regrets previous action that got him tossed, then it is incumbant on you to forgive him. To err is human, to forgive divine. We are all human and subject to human weakness. We all fail our own ideal and standards.

There are few transgressions (murder, sexual assault of a child) that would keep me from accepting my father's genuine apology so that we could be a restored family. And if you reject it, will end up hurting you more.

Better to expand, open the heart, and love whenever there is an opportunity to do so.

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