Why should I never visit Uzbekistan?

On the contrary, you should visit Uzbekistan. There are many reasons why you should travel to Uzbekistan.

The first reason is the magnificent architecture in the ancient cities of the country. These are primarily Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, etc.

Because people here eat foreigners for their breakfast. If you entered the country too late, than we will kill you and make out of your meat our main dish in Uzbek cuisine - plov

You shouldn't visit Uzb if you think you are in for a chill, almost-everything-allowed quick trip. It is not. People come here mainly to see ancient cities, wander around Tashkent subway and try food. You won't really find much of exciting nightlife, clubs and culture, not saying there aren't, just less and very local.

Would ET need to transmit high-power 'aimed' messages on the hydrogen line in all directions for millenia to hope to get noticed? How likely is that?

No, we listen to hydrogen line (1420.4 MHz) based on supposition that other intelligent life may use that frequency for deliberate interstellar communication. The reasoning is because that is the precession frequency (change in orientation of rotational axis) of hydrogen the

What are some places are good for travel alone?

There are plenty of destinations in SouthEast Asia that are perfect for a solo traveller.Places like Vietnam, Laos (Luang Prabang), Thailand, Bali, the Philippines, they are affordable and you will find fellow travellers along the way.

Which are the top 10 software exporting countries?

The question was `Software Exporting".  Unfortunately there are multiple definitions, and the answers will differ greatly. Lets use 4 definitions; the last one is depressing.1.  Software as used with all the fine print restrictions:     Here software primarily sales or revenues are measured.  The answers given