Why should I visit another country?

1) It's fun!

2) You learn a lot about different cultures.

3) You meet people that can become life long friends.

4) You have unique experiences that you wouldn't have otherwise.

5) It can be cheaper than where you live (especially if you live in U.S.).

6) It pushes you outside of your comfort zone which is where you will experience personal growth.

All of the above if you approach it with the right mindset will make you a more open minded, curious and knowledgeable person. Most people that go travel have the urge to go travel AGAIN because it's such a wonderful experience.

Break the monotony and habits of your current day to day and go experience something new!

For the same reason people go to sporting events or go and see their favorite artist perform live.

Yes, you can watch sports at home in front of the TV. You might even see more of the game. But, if you've ever been to a great game (e.g. between rivaling teams), you know that no TV coverage can replace what you're experiencing when you're there, live and in the moment: truly unique emotions, feelings, and impressions.

It's the same with traveling. You can look at the sights at home, on a screen. But there's a whole dimension of emotions and feelings you won't experience.

All answer here are excellent, I just want to add that you may learn different languages, and THIS change your way to see things and the whole life. You will see how people live, and how they consider life, which is the greatest experience in my opinion. I travel in "rich" and "under développement" countries, like US, Canada, UK for the first, and Senegal, Mali, Morocco for the second. I learned i each. The main thing I learned is that, rich or poor, mankind is mostly the same. No matter religion, wealth, language, we are all the same. We want to raise our children in peace, eat our food hot and healthy...

You'll loose your a priori concern, and get a more correct attitude. And you'll confront what media says to what real world is...

This is a HUGE value.

Have a nice day!

  1. It's wonderful to see new places, meet new people and enjoy new experiences first hand!
  2. Singapore, my country, is exorbitantly expensive, and spending money on anything here is not value for money.
  3. Our currency is strong and that makes visiting another country affordable.
  4. Our passport grant us visa free entries to many countries, making travel very convenient.
  5. Singapore is boring.
  6. Singapore is very boring.
  7. Singapore is really really boring.

  1. To broaden your vista,open up your mind, learn new things, taste new foods, learn new customs, appreciate different traditions and ways of living, learn new languages, meet new people, learn how they live and work and their family life, learn new religions, belief systems, medicines, etc etc etc. It's the best way in my opinion to educate yourself and learn new things.....and then when you come home you will miss the place e you visited,but you can appreciate what you already have back home. It's great, the best thing is travel. Most enjoyable past time . I

It's fun to see a bigger world ! You can learn different culture and meet interesting people and exciting things . You will know more about yourself and become a excellent persen ! PS :I'm a chinese student . I'm not good at English ,and this is my first answer . Maybe there are some wrong sentence .

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