Why should a person run regularly?

So many reasons, even though most people don't run regularly.
Simply you increase fitness across your body. Heart, lungs, muscles, stamina, etc. Its a very quick way to lose weight, challenge yourself and achieve results. You can think, remove yourself from you daily life for a time, and listen to music if you want to. Running is cool. And good for you. Unless you have knee, leg or back injury in which case choose something that doesn't have impact involved (rowing or swimming!)
What dark secret do you wish people knew about physical fitness industry?

1)The people who work at the gym are watching you and they talk about you a lot! If you are that girl/guy who is always looking at your butt in the mirror don't be surprised if you have a nickname and a reputation with the employees.2) they want you to come to the gym,

What exercises should I do to increase my muscle percentage?

Follow these 10 steps to start up and grow1. Build your strength: More strength is more muscle! So strength training with emphasis on strength! Weight training with dumbbells, bars or your own weight. Start with light weights and go always a little heavier.ยท Weight training. Start with an empty bar. Make sure you have the movement below the

Is summer season is good for muscle building?

Normally to start with spring season would be better.Body building cannot be achieved overnight .It requires not weeks , months but years together to become a body builder.Ist one must develop determination so it is better to start in the spring