Why should everyone learn how to cook?

Everyone should learn how to cook because it makes sense to do so. If you do not learn, you will end up always eating at a restaurant. That is not always good because:
  • Sometimes, people find hair or finger nails in their foods
  • Sometimes, the cooks talk when they are preparing it and can accidentally spit into your food
  • Sometimes, the food is not cooked well
  • Sometimes the food is more expensive than if you had made it yourself
  • If a couple gets married and both of them cannot cook, it may drain their pockets financially to be eating out all the time
  • Some frozen dinners contain alot of sodium and unsaturated fats which are bad for your health
  • Most restaurants are not open 24/7. Some close at 9pm, others close at 10pm. In fact, everything in Germany closes on Sundays. Nothing opens. If you cannot cook, how do you eat? Do you rely on the food at a gas station?
  • Sometimes, cooks try to save money for the restaurant by reusing some foods that did not sell and some oils used to fry the previous days food can be reused. This can cause an adverse acid reaction in a customer's stomach, and if they already have a health complication, it might be fatal
There are so many reasons why it is important to learn how to cook. Nothing feels better than eating your own cooked meal. Cooking takes time but if you cook before you get hungry, by the time it is all cooked, you will be ready to eat. Some benefits of learning how to cook:
  • You can eat in the right portions if you are on a diet or workout routine
  • If you work late and arrive late, you will be able to make yourself something to eat
  • It helps when you are able to cook to feed a family or your siblings or even friends
  • You save money
  • You can reuse your leftovers for another meal

It depends on what you mean by "cook" - not everyone can learn to be a great cook, nor do they need to. But....

Even if a person is quite rich and has access to a great many restaurants, they may not feel like eating every meal out. And even if that person has a spouse (or other person) who lives with them and cooks, that person may die, or be sick, or be otherwise unavailable.  So, even for such a person, it's useful to know how to cook some basic meals.  But there may be better uses for his/her time.  (Suppose you charge $500 per hour for your time and are busy; then hiring a chef to cook for you might make sense).

For the vast majority of people for whom eating every meal in a restaurant or hiring a chef is simply cost-prohibitive, cooking lets you prepare food when no one else is around who feels like doing it.
Well I have been eating out with family since childhood.Food is my first love.I think a lot about food, fantasize and  taste buds had orgasm during this.
By the time I also took interest in cooking.I watched my mother carefully in kitchen,saw some tv channels about cooking. I began cooking couple of year ago actively (other than RIP maggi).I began with aloo bhujia.Crispy and spicy.With the time my mother gave me license to cook me alone.I cooked Chinese, Indian,Punjabi(chicken mostly).I learnt that cooking teaches you the lesson of patience.It also teaches you how to balance the nature of different things.There are endless innovation that u can apply to cooking the same thing in various ways.You also get the privilege to feed people that will give u eternal pleasure.Now I help many time my mother in kitchen.Cooking helped me to become more patient.I also realized the value of money.Bcos we eat a lot outside when we can cook hygienic and healthy food at home with similar taste. Cooking also nourishes the multitasker in u.That's it for now , I m going to eat..
People 's need .
1. Favourite : some really want to cook and cook delicious meal for relatives , so they learn how to cook weel . Some want to learn just because they find it useful ( know as much as possible ) and learning will releive their hungry knowledge in this feild ( learn to know) .
2.obligation : some dont want to learn but they have to exple I dont want to cook at all but i have to learn carefully because I have 2 children .
3. Cooking is a way to warm your family Up : really , every want good meal beside family , so some try to learn how to cook to make good meal for their family . Asian people say " get rid of Rice , get desire of Pho " . Rice means wives , Pho means attractive woman . Many wives are worry about this , so they want to learn how to cook .
4 . Serve yourself : when you are hungry , you must cook :))))
I have no ideal now .
My english is not good , so sorry if it makes you difficult to understand.
Because, well, Food?

I don't know about you, but I cringe at the thought of being flat-out dependent on others for one of the absolute essentials of survival.

Or, with less drama: Learning some basics is easy, and being able to make nice (or at least decent) food from some ingredients is a deeply satisfying experience. Usually healthier, too. Few industrially prepared foods are very healthy, really. And you can make and eat what you actually want instead of what some food industry marketroid  though would sell. Always a big hit with the attractive sex as well...

I from so long wanted to know the answer of this question . I got many but not the convincing one ( I was not convinced atleast ) because most of them were reflecting orthodox thinking .Then I came across this blog The story of NoMaggi island and why you should cook - Qriyo Blog . Some super stuff here . It also kicked me to learn some cooking . And I trusted Qriyo Customer App for the same . now I am a decent cook now !!

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