Why should men learn cooking and then actually cook at home?

Not just men, but everyone.

  • It's much cheaper to buy the ingredients, because you aren't paying someone's wages.
  • It's healthier. You know what you're eating.
  • It's more comfortable to eat at home than at a restaurant every day.
  • It's another way to learn about yourself and to improve. And generally just learn.
  • It's more intimate. There have been studies where couples and people wanting to be couples have said they want this and they want that and cooking is one of the top things people want in a partner.
  • Everyone has a grandma's soup recipe. And someday you might be a grandma with the best soup recipe.

Because he's an adult who needs to know how to take care of himself. Cooking at home is cheaper and generally healthier than eating out all the time.

If he does have a partner, he should be adult enough to realize that he is part of the household too and should do his part to help the household function - and that includes cooking, doing the laundry, doing the dishes, doing grocery shopping, and all the other tasks that come with running a household. None of these tasks are the sole responsibility of any one person. Every person should contribute what they can to the smooth running of the household. Believe me, everyone will be happier.

In case if men are compelled to live alone away from their families for the purpose of employment or business or any other reason related to their families. So, learning to cook will prove beneficial for them because they can save money from hefty restaurant bills and can keep their health in tact. Whenever they wish to eat a particular dish they can cook it at home without depending on others.

Also men who are divorced should learn cooking to keep themselves busy.


  • Cooking tasty meals is fun
  • Cooking is a great way to relieve stress from work in the evening
  • Cooking fresh food from fresh ingredients is healthy and far tastier then re-heating industrial crap
  • We men finally have an excuse to get all sorts of neat kitchen gadgets, like a Julienne-peeler, a proper Passe-Vite and that Sous-vide kit I‘ve been eyeing
  • Not being a helpless twatwaffle can be an attractive trait in a man from a potential partner‘s point of view

The man will go hungry or go broke if he doesn't and take out food gets expensive?

He won't burn down his house trying to put wet food into hot oil?

Because his kids might be hungry and his companion and supposedly life partner is in the hospital and his elderly mother is several hundred miles away?

Ramen Noodles have less than the nutritional value of a live grub in a swamp? (Slight exaggeration here because I don't know the nutritional value of a grub)

Most food restaurants close before a certain time of night?

Because women get tired of cooking every day and might want a respite?

So the man doesn't accidentally poison himself, give himself a disease, or give himself parasites by eating uncooked or under-cooked food through ignorance?

I'm sure other people will come up with other answers also.

Because all restaurants, except for the top-tier ones, use the cheapest ingredients they can, because (a) most customers don't know the difference, and (b) profit margins in this business are razor-thin. This includes using highly damaging omega-6 fats, i.e. bean and seed oils, made further damaging by being rancid, which is hidden by deodorizing the oils.

Certain prepared meal delivery companies, such as Pete's Paleo or Paleo2Go, do make truly healthy meals - at a cost of $15–30/meal.

Unless you're quite wealthy and live in a fine-dining mecca, cooking for yourself is the only way to truly eat healthy and remain solvent.

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