Why should one visit Hoshangabad?

I was born in Hoshangabad and spent 16 years of my life there. Every year thousands of tourists go to Hoshangabad to admire the beauty of the place. It is situated on the bank of mighty river Narmada so its important from the religious point of view too. This city has got special spot in the heart of every visitor. You will fall in love with the city because of its tranquility and beauty.

So here is a list of places you must go when you visit Hoshangabad.

  • Pachmarhi is known as "Satpura ki Rani" (Queen of Satpura). The beauty of this place cannot be defined in few words. Famous spots here are Pandava caves, Jata shankar, Bee falls, Chauragarh Peak, Satpura national park. Dhoopgarh the highest peak of Madhya Pradesh is also situated here. Dhoopgarh is also famous for the most beautiful sunset spot here.

It is situated at the Bank of Holy river narmada which attracts many devotees to gather for holy dip in river narmada.

Also if you are a wild life lover and nature enthusiast you can visit to Satpura national park and Pachamari - Beautiful hill station which is very near from hoshangabad.

If you want to stay at Satpura National Park, Please read below article:


One should definitely visit hoshangabad due to its close connect with the holy "Narmada river".

People from different states come to hoshangabad to take a sight of this beautiful river especially on ocassion like guru purnima,lakhs of people gather around different parts of this holy river and take a bath to rinse off their sins.

If you get a chance to visit hoshangabad,then you must have a sight of this river.

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