Why should or should not one have a love marriage?

One shouldn't..Because the love in love marriage dies before you reach the age to marry or decide to marry.. you already know everything about your partner..so there's no excitement.. you don't respect them the way you should.. and if anything goes wrong between you two nobody will support you.. neither their parents nor yours.. you will be blamed for everything because it was your decision, your choice..

When jogging for 4km, is it good in terms of calories burnt to keep jogging for 4km, or is it better to jog for 2km, rest awhile, and then jog for another 2km?

My answer, is you should not rest since 4 kilometers, approximately 2.48 miles is not a great distance to cover. Now this depends on your age, health, existing medical conditions etc, if you are older and you are a bit more feeble and not ebullient, 4 km might seem like a lot

Why the girls are not supposed to take their marriage decision in state like Uttar Pradesh? Why parents force girl to get married when she is 21.she has list of dreams to complete why couldn't they understand?

Because, I feel, the areas like UP are not safe for women.. I have heard a lot about gundaraaj and all.... So they might have a fear what if one of the gundas ask for their daughter to marry him etc.. All the more it totally depends upon people's mentality and if a girl wish to pursue her dreams

I lost 15 lbs in 2 months! What did you do to lose 10-15 lbs?

I did it by cutting out pop COMPLETELY. That alone made me lose a majority of my weight. I'm about 5′10″ weighed about 210 lbs at my heaviest. For the first month I concentrated on cutting all sugar drinks, only drank carbonated water