Why should or why shouldn't America go to war against North Korea?

With North Korea forbading any interuptions frony international organisation into their political affairs , is hardly or shall i say NOT. A democracy. But a Kingdom ruled by a maniac who threatened to bomb one of the superpowers of the world on a world stage and made it known that intentions are nowhere nearing peace !

The point is we actually aren't very sure of the exact firepower housed by North Korea , and that is tge reason other countries tend to stay away , as much as we know , it can bomb half of America and that blast could raze the whole country to grounds.

If America goes to war with this maniac dictator , its not only risking one nation alone ! Its the whole world at stake ! We are talking Nuclear War here , those who are familiar with its devastation are quite sure would stay away. Casualties would be unaccountable.

Theere is no upside of such a proposition . You say you can free people ? As soon as tgey go to war there is going to be attacks from either side ( We all are aware of how much Mr Donald Trump cares about the lives of people). All he would want is capturing North Korea.

America might have advantage in every kibd of field and even might end up winning this war but tge casualties wouldn't be worth all this destruction.

Although America won't go to war with North Korea before the maniac rages war over all tge nations of the world. Who knows what he can do. He would be totally be unpredictable .

I don't think war is an answer to this but with Kim not agreeing to any common ground , this will be the only option.!

It's my belief that Trump is purposely "poking the bear" in order to give us a reason to go to war. He wants to create a situation where he can say:

"We warned them, they've acted against us and we have no choice but to go in."

It strongly resembles what went down with Iraq except that there is evidence that North Korea is preparing weapons of mass destruction. It seem like a chance for him to solidify more power and get reelected.

That being said, I acknowledge that the fact that Trump wants something isn't enough justification to say it's a bad thing, but it doesn't help.

While I hope we've learned our lessons from the first Korean War, War isn't good for anything, especially if it's not properly funded. This isn't the 1940s anymore. The economy is actually doing pretty well as a whole and we're not going to magically create another industrial revolution by going to war. The GOP will not raise taxes, but they will raise spending to go to war, increasing the deficit to deeper levels similar to under W.

China will be in a very difficult position. They're economic allies with us, but military allies with North Korea. I'd like to think that economics takes precedence, but I'd want to know what China and Russia would do before we do anything.

The biggest reason we shouldn't start a war, though, is that North Korea could level the South Korean capital. I've seen estimates that attacks on the artillery implants could take 3 days. That's 3 days that North Korea would have to attack the innocent people of Seoul.

As much as I dislike what I've been informed of about North Korea, war doesn't usually help in that regard. Let's look at the timeline of what I think would happen:

  • We goad DPRNK into an attack.
  • Patriotism goes to a high.
  • We go in and clean their clocks, leaving millions of Koreans killed and hundreds to thousands of Americans die.
  • Taste for war sours after a year.
  • We leave when the costs become extreme (or Donald pulls a WWI type punishment on DPRNK)
  • Something else takes the place of what was there. It will probably be somehow worse. Power vacuums always seem to end badly. Even staged elections we put together seem to end in dictatorships.

War would cost trillions.

China would have to be directly involved in the rebuilding and assault.

It could be a quick war, I don't know, but the rebuilding process will take decades if we want to prevent something from happening again.

President Trump, like with the Mexican wall wants to have his cake and eat it too. He doesn't want the bill on his head, but he'll be forced to take it on in the end.

While China is viewing it's neighbor less and less favorably, I don't want to stir up China. Not at all. I would want to make this their idea. If we go to war vs North Korea I would only want to do so because our allies in the far east ask us to come to their aid.


China obliged to defend North Korea under 'friendship' treaty

North Korea's Simple But Deadly Artillery Holds Seoul And U.S. Hostage

We are on the right track. Believe it or not, Trump is doing exactly what should be done at this stage in history. He is putting pressure on North Korea to break out of its 65 year old threat and extorsion pattern. He even has the Chinese playing along, because there is finally a big enough reason for them to want to stop this from getting out of hand. No other president has motivated them before. We should not unilaterally declare war on North Korea. We should let them waste their money test firing expensive rockets and even more expensive nuclear bombs. They will test themselves into total bankruptcy if they keep it up. and a real estate mogul would know all about that.

That being said, if Kim actually hits something of importance, anything, even a destroyer or a jet, he can expect an appropriate response greater than the original offense in scope. We have him right where we want him. He has trouble at home, trouble abroad, even his best friends next door are raising eyebrows, and only a handful of rogue states even send him a birthday card.

If he wants war, we should grant his wish. It will be short work.

Otherwise, we should bide our time and hope cooler heads over there prevail.

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America should not go to war with North Korea.

Its got thousands of artillery aimed at Seoul, a proven nuclear weapons capability and probably has the technology to mate a nuclear weapon to an ICBM and send it hurtling towards Japan, SK of Guam at the very least. And it has also shown willingness to use such weapons if its survival is threatened. Infact that's why it's pursuing the nuclear program in the first place.

Basically, it's a black box and no one knows what the outcome of striking North Korea would be.

And one of the biggest issues, if military action is taken, would be whether China or Russia would intervene.

North Korea, contrary to the noise within the Trump administration, doesn't represent a direct threat to the US regardless of what Kim Jong Un says. Even if Kim manages to develop good ICBMs, he knows that he would be destroyed if he tries to fire it at the US or it's allies, and China wouldn't help him, as they have clearly stated.

So, no. The US should not attack North Korea. Whether the US under Trump will attack North Korea is something I don't know, however.

Thanks Stefan for asking. Here is my opinion:

:- War is never a solution in modern times.

  • US must move with a joint strategy among the neighbors;
  • Long term repercussions of war are historically against US;
  • Other options have not yet been fully studied.

:- Strict monitoring is needed and that would give a red alert for US to take independent steps taking into consideration the safety of allies in the region. At present, we do not see a situation that warrants hasty steps.

That is my personal thinking.

North Korea, despite an egomaniac for a leader, is an impotent country in a cage.

They know they cannot use their stockpile of nuclear weapons because to do so would mean certain death to Kim and his lieutenants not to mention complete destruction of his country.

There is absolutely nothing to fear from N Korea, when they snarl and scratch through the bars of their cage, they should simply be ignored.

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