Why should people never settle?

Settling for less than what we have set our goals for sets a dangerous precedent in our minds. When we do settle once we set ourselves up for continuing the process. Even telling ourselves "just this once." Starts the slide. It's like starting drugs. Once can start an addiction.

We are worth the best life has to offer. We must believe in ourselves and our potential. If we don't have faith in ourselves we will accomplish little. I believe we must set realistic goals and work with all our fiber to have what we say matters, happen. Each accomplishment sets us up for bigger and better things to come.

Blessings on your journey.

Read Thomas Hardy's, "Return Of The Native", and study the character of Eustacia Vye. This is what happens when people don't settle.

Of course it makes a total difference what you are settling for and when you are settling. Settling too early is called "foreclosure". The part of me that was anxious and lacked self-confidence did a lot of foreclosure. But at the end of the day I have a child like part of me the Jungian Archetype of the "Puror Eternalis" (google) that never wanted to settle. That part of me wanted one adventure after another and to try on and live out one identity after another. It made for some wonderful experiences but now I am 60 years old almost and I see people around me who have settled and they have homes and they have families and they have beautifully developed professional identities and bodies of work. And I am as I untethered and disengaged and free flow as always. But today, instead of looking at that as a brilliant fortuitous launching pad I now feel like it is a place of emptiness and Regret and loss and aloneness.

On the off off chance I get married, I know I will be the guy she settled for. If she doesn't settle then she can continue to call me an asshole having never spoken to me.

They have no choice. This world is not a place of perfection. Therefore, everyone settles for less than perfect.

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