Why should scorpios be in relationships?

Lol! Why not?

They are most likely to understand each other.

There is a depth to a Scorpio that only another Scorpio can understand, and also help to heal. Another Scorpio will re-introduce you to yourself! You understand each other's intensity. You can sit in utter silence with each other for hours. Just listen to the video:

Why are most mixed race people more beautiful?

In my honest opinion I don't remember ever seeing a person of mixed race that I considered attractive though to be fair I haven't seen that many either.Here's why I would assume however that mixed race people could be considered better looking.Wether or not

Are girls equal to boys?

Physically -no(our creator(god) didn't make them equal to boys). They are physically inferior to boys(that's a sad truth). I know many of the girls will say that it is not easy to carry a baby for nine months in your womb and periods are also not easy to handle(I accept this fact),

What is the most underrated or little-known life hack?

Start investing early. This is by far the most important piece of generic personal finance advice. Compound interest even on modest returns over long periods of time can become enormous sums.Invest aggressively. By this I mean you should be investing virtually