Why should some one respect their own country?

Most of the answers here about individual and collective psyche, culture, history, people. I have to make a rather abstract, low-profiled and relatively dry addition to which most people will say "so what?", but they are reasons anyway. Also, I am talking about an average country profile, a model of some sort with some institution which carries out all the functions of the "country"; not all points are valid for all countries.

1. Rights
Your country gives you and helps you execute basic rights. It allows you to find a job, a home, a partner and basic facilities comparatively easily than a foreign country would. The extent of quality and number of rights and their execution differs widely, but even the worst country of the world would not deny the natives a right to feed and clothe themselves. (You have a right to disrespect your country if you are in bad conditions indeed).

2. Protection
Whether you like it and accept it or not, you are always born into some kind of group, religion, community, caste, or race. Maybe you feel all human beings are equal, but many others don't, and that makes you a possible victim of clashes due to differences. Your country provides for your protection from such internal and external forces.

3. Resources
Your country spends its resources on you, right since you are born - on your housing, water, electricity, education, fuel, infrastructure and even medical needs. It maintains a record of your life, of your previous generations, of your whole family. It provides a mechanism for solving your disputes, a system for taking you from one place to another, and another for taking your things if you don't want to go all the way yourself - to name the least. A country eases your life in the sense that doing all this single-handedly would be a big pain for any individual. It plays a quiet but significant role in your progress and prosperity. (But yes, not all countries do it well, and many do not do it right).

4. External support
Your country gives you a passport which is your identity outside its borders - it gives you an official, legal identity (yea yea, we are all children of Mother Earth, but unfortunately Immigration guys won't buy that). It also maintains embassies and consulates in most of the other countries whom you can turn to for help, emergency and information while travelling abroad.

I know these are not emotionally strong reasons and have a lot of 'if's and 'but's about them, but imagine life without these, and try figuring out how would our modern lifestyle survive without the institution of country. Countries are no doubt doing a bad job, but their elements are pretty solid and life-easing...which do work out and improve our lives from time to time (historically they have). Hence I feel a country of residence deserves respect.
A very interesting question- one I've been pondering over for many years now. Although the question could be interpreted as "Should you be proud of being born into the country you're born in?" I'm not going to deviate to that and stick to the version that's provided above.

Answer: Respect, yes. (But not for the country.)
Most countries that exist today had to fight for their independence. And to achieve this, there had to have been many sacrifices. And regardless of what your country has done for you in these past few years of your existence, you owe your respect to those soldiers and leaders who laid down their lives to ensure your freedom.

Emotions/sentiments/willingness (I'll shorten these by using empathy) for your fellow citizens based on this respect would imply that you wouldn't normally have any of these feelings towards them if they weren't your country(wo)men- which would be plain wrong. Empathy isn't something that should be based on  your nationality- it's a basic human value that should be exercised irrespective of who the other person is. So, if you think of it this way, then no- you need not necessarily respect your country to empathize with people.

Now as to why we need to exercise empathy, it's more of a peaceful-living kind of thing, which everyone wants.
Your view is correct at bigger scale. i feel we all dream of a peacefull world. No wars between two country. But if we think positively, we can say all places/countrys in this world are developed according to geographical / social / traditional environment of that country. For the development of these places one should understand the nature of the people of that place. And according to that for the development these people , administration of people among these local people came up. Who understands all those problems in better way and give suitable solution to those problems. So for the overall development of world everything got divided. Problem arises when we try to overcome other and try to be powerful than anyone. Everyone has their strongness nd weakness. If we respect others and try to develop our society, there will be no hatred for others.
I believe it has to do with a sense of belonging.

The country of birth is usually (not always) is a country of citizenship.
For those who decide to disagree with any of the aspects of such a country: the leadership, the society, the norms, etc - there's always a plane ticket to another country.

One's identity is often linked to the country - either of birth or of choice - which, again, makes the person belong and subscribe to the country's many complex variables and be a representative of that nation to the rest of the nations.

When it comes to the globalization, everything is simplified because people can pick-and-choose the culture/mentality they want to belong to - or even transcend those notions entirely and become true global citizens.
On a spiritual level, if you believe in karma and reincarnation, then you have chosen to be born in that country to learn what you need to learn in this life.

Spiritual gurus say to stay in the country where you are born. And by working on yourself, you can make it a better place.
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