Why shouldn't I ask a girl to be my girlfriend?

Yes, it must be amazing to have a gf! But again it varies person to person, all my friends who have gf are not always happy! Some time they are frustrated and talks like the guy in "Pyar Ka Punchnama"  movie.  But when I see their life, I feel  jealous!

Coming back to your question, yes,  you should have a gf! But again getting the right one is a quite tough, and I am sure you won't propose the random girl over the street. So if you can find a girl, that's awesome!  Just go for it.

But being upset for not having a gf is not a good thing! Life is not just to have a girl friend/boy friend!

Which is more difficult - CA or CFA?

CA is difficult than CFA.Why so ?AnswerContent of syllabus is huge in CA as compared to CFA.CA take 4.5 yrs to complete (if any one clear in 1st attempt) but CFA takes maximum 2 yrs to complete but with same condition if it is cleared in 1st

After I do kettlebell swings my knees hurt the next day. What am I dong wrong?

I see every elements of the answer in the other answers, but let me summarise them in one place for you here:Use your hipsThe knee is not a weight bearing joint, but a weight transferance joint. That means that in the case of a

What is one thing everyone gets wrong about healthy living?

I'm not sure that there is one thing that EVERYONE gets wrong, but there are a few things that a lot of people get wrong. I'll give a small list:Overestimating the contribution of workout above a good dietConfusing starving oneself of essential macro nutrients for being on a good dietThinking that protein shakes and supplements