Why was Quicksilver killed off so quickly in the MCU, when no other heroes have been at all?

Short version: Superspeedsters break the game. As the Quicksilver in the X-Men films demonstrates, at a certain point, speed wins every fight. Quicksilver broke into the most secure prison in the world to free Magneto and was bored. He evacuated a school population from an explosion while the explosion was happening and had time to eat a snack.

Superman is faster than light. Wonder Woman, in the comics, can move at supersonic speeds. But, in the movies, they don't, because it removes all sense of drama when the problem is solved before it happens. DC has had to invent an entire population of superspeedsters to challenge the Flash, just to make things dramatically interesting. When a hero can run so fast they can go back and change time, it's hard to take any threat seriously.

So, to avoid breaking the game, Marvel decided to make their Quicksilver a one shot wonder.

It was a flawed attempt to suddenly introduce stakes into a franchise which, as you rightly point out, had never shown any interest in killing off any of the good guys. Even Agent Coulson, whose death inspired the formation of the Avengers in the first place, couldn't manage to stay dead. Where Marvel went wrong here is that the loss of Quicksilver, a character who's only been a "good guy" for less than 20 minutes of the movie, doesn't really resonate AT ALL. Story-wise, it would have been a much better decision to kill off Hawkeye or Black Widow. But, presumably, the best interests of the story took a back seat to the financial considerations - namely, that Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner were still under contract for several more movies, while Aaron Taylor-Johnson was completely disposable. This is likely one of the reasons that Joss Whedon said peace out after making Age of Ultron. His creative decisions were constantly being trumped by the Disney-Marvel cash machine.

Because of rights issues.See both Marvel and Fox can use Scarlet witch and her twin brother in Avengers and Xmen films.Fox introduced Quicksilver in Days of Future Past while both the Maximoff's entered the MCU in Age of Ultron.Marvel decided to focus on Scarlet Witch and decided to Kill off Pietro for 1)an emotional arc for Wanda(she made the Avengers see their worst nightmares but in the end she experienced her worst nightmare) 2)they felt two interpretations of Quickie wasnt worth it with Evan Peter's Quicksilver being critically praised

Just speculation, but here are some options:

  • He's overpowered: Quiksilver really is amazing powerful, and if you take his powers seriously, it's hard not to use him to solve all problems. That would make the movies not quite as interesting.
  • Licensing: he's one of the X-Men characters, and I don't know what the deals were that allowed him to be used by Marvel Studios. Perhaps he could only be in one movie.
  • He's not a good guy: Correct me if I'm wrong, but not only is Quiksilver not an Avenger, but he's usually on the side of Magneto. Not quite the hero most of the other Avengers are.
  • His death in Avengers: Age of Ultron is to prep us for more deaths in the next Avengers movies.

I think it was because Quicksilver isn't known much as an Avenger. He mostly appeared in "Inhumans" and "X-Men" storylines, so his link to the Avengers was kind of tenuous -

The reason being FOX STUDIOS, at the time of Age Of Ultron, Fox had the rights of Quicksilver, which they were reluctant to sell to Marvel, thus they had to show his death, otherwise he would have been kickass character as far as I know.

Presently, Disney is going in with terms for many rights from FOX STUDIOS.

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