Why was 'Right to Property' removed from Fundamental Rights in India?

The right to property was initially present in Indian constitution under part III : Fundamental right , Article 31 but it was abolished by 44 th Amendment Act ,1978. Initially it was made a fundamental right so as to provide protection of property and give legality of land to the people living in newly independent India.

But afterwards it was abolished because the Indian government wanted to bring land reforms and encourage social justice ( by taking land from landowners who have surplus land and then distributing it to landless farmers) .

It also aimed to establish equal distribution of resources.

Furthermore it was important for the development of India to abolish it .For example- if Indian government wanted to built a dam or construct a road it had to acquire the people's property and in return people used to revolt and approach judiciary eventhough the government compensate them by giving money or land somewhere else for taking there property hence this created problem to the development functions of the government,hence it was abolished.

Now it is made a constitutional right under Article 300A which states that no person can be deprived of his / her property except by authority of law.

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