Why would a man refuse a divorce from a wife that doesn't want anything to do with him?

You would have to ask him why.

If she is more "property", well... she needs to find someone who will appreciate her.

If its more of a religious reason (his or their religion is against divorce), thats a bit trickier. We dont want someone thinking they are going to their religions version of Hell if they get a divorce.

But, there are ways to get that divorce without his signature. Talk with a legal aid, or a lawyer, or maybe your priest, rabbi, minister or similar.

How to continue a relationship if one of you does not want to get married because of previous failed marriage(s)

Well, this is what is known as a deal breaker. That person has every right to not want to marry again based on his/her experience. You have every right to want to get married, because it's what you want. The problem is neither side is likely to convince the other. So, you have to decide to either leave

Indian girls have started to have relationships before marriage. Why is this so?

Because they are human too.And I don't think it's bad in any way .Why isn't this question for man .So man can have a relationship before marriage ,Good .Great moral standards India have then.So woman cannot be in a relationship and grow out of it .Her heart doesn't beat.She has no desire and urge for

Why do Americans like sweets for breakfast?

Not all Americans prefer sweet breakfasts. Candy/desserts aren't considered a normal breakfast at all. For most, pancakes with syrup is a once a week treat.But yes, donuts, pancakes or waffles with syrup, and sweetened cereals are things some Americans eat for breakfast some of the