Why would anybody like Microsoft more than Apple?

I have used both Apple Computers (Macs) and Windows Computers, and I can without a doubt say that I prefer windows.

First of all, Macs are extremely overpriced for the hardware that the offer. For example, the current most expensive model of the MacBook pro is $2799, and my windows computer (Acer Predator) has better specs for around $1200.

Secondly, Macs have way less software available. Software on Mac tends to be very limited, and you can get all the software Mac has to offer plus more on a Windows computer. This applies in everything from photoshop, video editing, and video games and Windows computer offer more resources without a doubt.

Lastly, Macs are a closed system. Apple has made it nearly impossible to change parts inside Macs, so when your Mac becomes slow and outdated, you essentially have no choice but to buy a new computer. However, a Windows computer is usually easy to get into, and you can simply replace a couple parts of your computer slows down.

While I do like Microsoft/Windows better, Apple does still have it's advantages:

Apples OS looks better. Windows 10 is getting closer to being as good-looking and easy to understand as Macs, but Apple has done a stellar job making the OS and the laptop look good.

iPhones are better The iPhone is amazing and feels amazing to use, and I would chose it over a Windows phone anyways,

Still, the way Apple overprices everything gives me no choice but to support Windows, and I can without a doubt say that I would choose playing great video games on my Windows PC rather than being able to mostly just browse on my old Mac.

I've been using OSX for about a year and it has since been an absolute nightmare for me for several reasons.


  • Apple has a "**** you!" policy for compatibility. This one is self-explanatory. Wanna run NTFS? Pay up!
  • Apple's product's names are ****ed up. Like Itunes. You'd think this is a music player, right? WRONG! It also manages your iPhone. Okay, what about ItunesConnect? Must be an app with Itunes plus a social feature right? WRONG AGAIN! It's a website where developers go in hopes of releasing their apps. And why are installers .dmg? .dmg looks like "Damage File".

Developer program

  • Releasing apps on AppStore is a nightmare. Let's compare it with Android. I build an APK and distribute it to whoever I want. Simple. But for iOS, I have to buy a license, sign some contracts, create certificates, run OSX, obtain an iPhone, (to run on DIAWI, get UDIDs from everyone who wants to run my app, enter the UDIDs in the certificates), download the certificates, sign the app, upload it to ItunesConnect where it'll first be processed, then available for further actions. Then I have to create testing groups, put the app in there, and then the app might or might not work. And don't even get me started on getting In-App Purchases approved.
  • Community is small. Documentation is awful. Try reading TestFlight documentation.


  • Its shortcuts are very unnatural. In Windows, you have alt for OS level shortcuts, ctrl for app level shortcuts and so on. But Apple is nuts when it comes to shortcuts. Like in browsers, why isn't the Show History shortcut something+H? Even the basic things are ****ed up.
    • Oh look, a delete button. It must delete things, right? Wrong! It won't let you delete things until you use it with the command key.
    • Oh look, an Enter key. If I press it while a folder is selected, I should enter the folder. Wrong again! It renames things. IT RENAMES THINGS! WHY APPLE, WHY!?
    • Oh and why in God's name does the cross button not close the window? DAMNIT APPLE.
    • Text editing shortcuts like ctrl + shift + arrow have an annoying behavior as well. You'll know what I'm talking about if you use them frequently.
    • Why is there only one menu bar? It adds a step when I want to do something in a window that is on the screen but is out of focus.
  • Managing each window in OSX is a nightmare. In Windows, you use Windows Key + Arrow Key to make the window go anywhere you want. You can snap any window anywhere. But in OSX.. Oh Lawd Almighty the functionality is so inconsistent.
  • It doesn't have basic things like Paint, changing what closing the lid does (without opening the console) and link bar in file explorer. Sure it has the fancy looking Preview app, but it sucks. You can't even change the canvas size in Preview! Try running two instances of an app. That's right, YOU CAN'T do that without using console.
  • "OSX can't get viruses" is a false statement. And so is "OSX never hangs".
  • Disk management is a nightmare. Have you ever tried to clear OSX cache?
  • There's no refresh button in the Finder. Now this is a basic and essential functionality that almost every OS, app, browser, IDE and editor has. But OSX is too cool for it. One of my coworkers who uses a Mac recently had this problem where he couldn't find my laptop over wlan. It was visible to everyone and he could discover some other laptops but not mine. After doing everything (including manually entering IP), we ultimately had to restart Mac to get everything working again. sigh
  • It won't let you log in from another device with a user that does not have his iCloud logged in. It's like they had a "who comes up with the most ridiculous constraint in the OS and never tell the users about it" contest. Clearly there were more than one winners.


  • You can't clear an app's data. Boooo!
  • It's a pain to edit text in iOS.
  • Once you're inside Apple's ecosystem, you're locked in.
  • Let's not add any back buttons in the phone and leave the headache to all developers. Also, let's remove the home button. Don't forget to add a notch to mess with the scroll bars and lists in landscape mode. Just because.

Some obvious things

  • They keep changing and removing ports specially the charging port on Mac.
  • Their products are too expensive.
  • They keep forcing their users to use their own, shitty apps. Like they did with Apple Maps and Apple Music.

The only thing good about Apple products is the hardware and aesthetics. But even after paying those high prices, you can't run games.

Bonus stuff:

  • Go to this link, enter your email and fill the captcha. You'll see a spinner next to the continue button. You see the error? The spinner's pivot is not set in the center. It hurts my OCD. Damnit Apple, you had one job!

I am born with Apple in my hands, more than 30 years ago.

I was feed and invisibly converted to Apple products for more than 25 years. I was this guy mocking people using Windows, and trying to convert the peasant to the wonders of Apple and Mac OS X.

Then I grew up and started to realise that actually Windows was not that bad, and also that performance wise, Apple laptops or desktops were not necessarily number one anymore.

Especially when I saw the SONY VAIO coming out, it caught my eye.

One day, I went to visit one of my "gamer" friend. And he showed me Battlefield 2 on his new PC (some kind custom PC made by his older brother).

I was mesmerized, not only by the game, but mainly by the GPU and CPU and cables and motherboards! Everything that has been hidden in the Apple equivalent (except for the RAM access or the super expensive Mac Pro, with limited hardware compatible at the time)

I refused to stand out of this fascinating world, so naturally I started to install bootcamp on my mac and install drivers and crashing and failing and so many bugs... but I loved it.

This satisfaction when I finally managed to run BF2.exe on my iMac G4, I felt like a boss.

OK performance wise it was not amazing and I still had no sound in my microphone (it can be a huge problem for only FPS as you guess).

That was the revelation.

Next step I still get an iMac, be cause I have the knowledge and the licenses and I can still play games you know, so let's be patient, maybe Apple will release a really good computer soon?


Because next we all know what happened: the rise of the iPod followed by the iPhone.

This was the moment Apple stopped focusing on really good computers, but more about "good looking and expensive but not powerful and reliable computers" - it is purely based on my personal experience.

How may crashes, kernel panic, slow performance, overheating and so on... And I was not able to access anything (except for deep complicated commands via terminal or the weird kernel looking interface (oh hello MS-DOS sort of) and you always had to call Apple, and send back the computer etc...)

I bought my first PC only 4 years ago.

I spent months reading online, buying paper hardware magazines, discussing with friends or friendly guys in shops. Taking my time, trying to crack the code.

I ended up spending less than a full-spec iMac of this era. I'm talking about 1000 euros less!!! And I was the happy owner of a beast >:)

My first test was not gaming, hell no!

I launched my comps on Adobe After Effect or Adobe Media Encoder, or 3Ds Max and Cinema 4D.


In the morning I went to the agency with the exact same files on my external HDD, copied everything on the agency's latest iMac full speced, using the same software (except for 3Ds Max).

The verdict was crazy: my cheaper custom build PC was on average 33% faster than the iMac... that was a no brainer.


It could also run all the AAA PC games of the moment in Ultra 1080p 60fps+ !

Yes it was bigger, and looked a little less "cool" than an aluminium iMac, but I didn't care. I had the machine of my dreams, tailor made for me.

Let's make it simple: Apple computers today are the opposite of this - run any benchmarks and you're in for a big surprise.

Numbers are not the main key to look at ("wow this mac book pro has a turbo boost up to 4.5GHz it's faster than your desktop PC" -no it is not)

You have to take in account the motherboard capacity, the heat management, the voltage management, watercooling if you have one, etc

Yes it sounds "nerdy" and "geeky", and this is exactly there for a reason. If you want real performance, you take a custom build PC and you are ready to get your hands dirty to achieve the best experience.

It is a bit like sports car in the end (but cheaper)

I am a happy Windows user. I have had a lot of pressure to switch to Mac as most of my coworkers and friends have it. I have a Mac mini, so I know my way around macOS quite well, I just prefer PCs and Windows. Why?

On the software side I like having same OS, same features, same configs etc on all my devices. I used to own an iPad, followed by an Android tablet and I never liked the idea that everything (including apps to read mail/news/weather etc) has to be different. Also the MS did on syncing your data is really great - for UWP applications most of the times you set the app up on one device and it works on all the other ones, as you'd expect.

On the hardware side, you get much more freedom. I have a desktop, a Surface Book and a light and small ASUS T100. I tend to use each of them for slightly different things - T100 as tablet (occasionally plugging in the keyboard), Surface Book as work laptop / tablet and desktop mainly for gaming or CPU/GPU hungry things. Surface Book is a perfect laptop, I would say it is at least on par with Macbooks, if not better.

As for the user experience I really enjoy Windows 10 and its minimalistic experience. A lot of people I know complain about lack of skinning etc, but I do not mind, plus I find simpler interfaces easier to use and focus when using them. Microsoft has had really good keyboard shortcuts for managing multiple windows since Windows 7, so I have really built my muscle memory around it.

I also love ability to use touch screens, i.e. just grab my same device with same files/settings and currently open browser tabs and just start using it in tablet mode. Plus Microsoft really did a good job with tablet mode on Windows 10 and if your 2 in 1 / tablet includes a stylus pen (like all Surface devices do), it's really easy to use any app. It is easy in most cases with fingers, but the stylus just makes it easy for the older apps with tiny buttons.

I run a full Linux VM for most of my development-related activities, so I do have UNIX. Plus I can run Linux Subsystem for Windows (aka Ubuntu on Windows) and then I get native Linux to work and full Ubuntu 16, but I need VM for more complex things anyway - such as containers. Which is what everyone on a Mac ends up having once they install Docker for Mac anyway, I just prefer to be in control of the VM.

I just wish some app vendors would make their apps better and/or move to UWP - i.e. it is sad how spotify app looks better but is less useful / not as integrated as say groove music app. Similarly Slack on Windows is great, but in terms of integration Skype and Messenger have done it better with background notifications about new messages etc.

So, I am really happy with my experience with Windows and I think if I'd switch to a Mac, it would be similar, or even slightly worse.

It all comes down to the needs of the user.

Gaming is automatic Microsoft or Microsoft.
Sure a Mac can run windows but name a mac made in the last few years where you can just upgrade the GPU in it.

If you want a large scale business environment with hundreds of users then the obvious choice here is also microsoft as apple's software for this is an utter joke.

Microsoft has touch in a computer platform while apple only has an iPad which no matter how you slice it is still a mobile OS

Apple has many great tools for content developers and is the de facto norm for the industry.

Apple/MacOS also has great integration for other apple "iDevice" products.
Thus if you are already in the apple ecosystem then you get much more function/value out of say a macbook vs a surface 4.

Microsoft provides you with a significant amount of choice both in the way of OEM vendors but also in build your own PCs.

Apple has been loosing their actual professionals due to slow improvements and needing dongles and external everything for the "Pro" lines.

Lastly you can buy a cheap pile of crap microsoft laptop for $300
Although this also gets new Apple customers because the base Mac is way nicer than the base windows PC, not that the $1000 price difference could have anything to do with that.

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