Why would my husband say he wished our daughter was another woman's child?

We are given no context for the statement. Spouses often have different opinions about raising children and different levels of empathy for their offspring.

The same sex child can have a very different relationship with that parent than with the other.

Is the child becoming the vicarious "Do Over" for Mom? Is the daughter measured against Mom by others because Mom was so awesome? Does Mom's light doom daughter's light to never be noticed?

I think it was an invitation for a spousal conversation, not a question on Quora for strangers.

Can knocked knees be corrected without surgery?

Essentially no.Medicines are chemicals which alter or modify other chemical reactions. Therefore medicines are used for chemical diseases in which certain chemicals are deficient or in excess.Knock knees is a physical deformity in which both knees are angled inwards excessively(called as valgus deformity).Therefore medicines will not cure knock knee.

How is US education different from Indian education?

I have experienced half of my secondary school education in India and half of it in the US. I was an average student so teachers in India never paid any heed to me. They always paid more attention to the smarter kids. I remember raising my

Why don't bodybuilders share their source for their juice?

If You Had An advantage over another person, would you let them in on it?And, further to that, if you could sell cheap garbage products to someone else while taking the more expensive and higher quality gear for yourself, wouldn't that work out to your benefit?See, back in the